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    Parking Services

Welcome to Parking Services!

Parking Services is located in the Beta/Gamma Commons-Police Building, 290 Stadium Blvd. The entrance for Parking Services is located on the South side of the building. Office hours are 7:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday - Friday.

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on the USA campus is required to register his/her vehicle with Parking Services and obtain a valid parking permit.  This includes all employees, faculty, staff, designated guests, administrative officials, and all students.  Regulations apply to students enrolled in day, evening, weekend, online web classes, and all enrolled students at other locations including Baldwin County, Brookley, and Dauphin Island Sea Lab.  The parking permit must be displayed from the rear view mirror facing outward.  Displaying it in any other location is considered a violation. Parking permits are valid for one academic year.

VISITORS: Visitors who bring a vehicle to campus must display a valid visitor parking pass in the vehicle (driver side dashboard). A visitor pass may be requested in person at Parking Services, Beta/Gamma Commons, 290 Stadium Blvd. A valid driver’s license is required.

STUDENTS: Students must register online for a parking permit. Select Manage My Parking Account to access your parking account and follow the instructions for ordering a parking permit.

Students who are registered with Student Disability Services and require handicapped parking access or temporary special parking must also register in person at Parking Services. Contact the office of Student Disability Services at 251-460-7212 for further information.

FACULTY/STAFF AND DESIGNATED GUESTS: All Faculty, staff, and designated guests who qualify for a USA ID card, must purchase a faculty/staff parking permit regardless of what month they begin employment.  Faculty/Staff parking permits are valid November 1st through October 31st. The fee for a Faculty/Staff parking permit is $20.

All individuals with a JagMail email account, including those who qualify for a JagMail account, must order a parking permit online. Select Manage My Parking Account to access your parking account and follow the instructions for ordering a parking permit.

If you qualify for a JagMail account and you do not have an account established, click here to request your JagMail account.

Hospital employees and Designated Guests, without a JagMail email account, must purchase a permit from Parking Services, 290 Stadium Blvd., Beta/Gamma Commons. Permits will only be sold in office to individuals who are not authorized to obtain a JagMail email account. A current USA ID is required. All other employees, faculty and staff, will be referred to the online purchasing system.

MOTORCYLCE PERMITS: Individuals with a motorcycle or scooter must register in person at Parking Services.  The issued reflective bumper sticker (parking decal) must be attached to the cycle and be clearly visible.


get your faculty staff parking permit, click here.

Attention Students 
Zoned parking is not enforced during the summer semester; however, students must park their vehicles in a student space (white lines), AND have a current student permit displayed in the vehicle. Parking permits purchased in the fall and spring semesters are valid and may be used
during the summer semester.

Student parking permits for fall semester will not be available until August 1st.




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