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What is ROTC?

ROTC is leadership excellence.

ROTC produces 75% of the army's officers, so it is first and foremost a commissioning program. The stated mission of ROTC is to commission the future officer leadership of the US Army and motivate young people to be better citizens. Army ROTC is a college elective you can try out for up to two years with no obligation. And since classes only take an average of 5 hours a week, you have plenty of time for other courses, activities, and a social life.

Unlike traditional college programs, Army ROTC gives you a wide range of experiences while you work towards your degree. You'll combine classroom time with hands-on experience. Learning skills that are sure to give an edge over your peers when it comes time to look for a job. You see, having taken an elective like Army ROTC tells future employers that you've already learned how to handle people and solve problems. That you're goal oriented, trained to work with a team and lead one. So, whether you're planning a career in the Army or the corporate world, Army ROTC is the smartest college course you can take.

As a part of Army ROTC, you'll be in the company of a diverse group of individuals with broad interests, and the academic records to prove it. If you're awarded an Army ROTC scholarship, you'll be among other well-rounded, active students with good grades and exceptional potential. Individuals who were presidents of their student governments, captains of varsity sports teams, club presidents, or members of the National Honor Society.

Traditionally, Army ROTC is a 4-year program. The first two years are taken in your freshman and sophomore years (Basic Course). Keep in mind, you can take the Basic Course on a trial basis for up to two years (unless, of course, you're on an Army scholarship).

The second two years are taken in your junior and senior years (Advanced Course). And, during the summer between your junior and senior years, you will attend Advanced Camp that will give you hands-on training and the confidence you can't learn in a classroom.

During your four years as a cadet your studies will include Leadership Development, Military Skills, Adventure Training, Management Skills, Tactics and Army Ethics. So, whether you take Army ROTC for a semester, two years, or all four years, you'll still have the skills, confidence and experience you'll need to succeed after you graduate in whatever career you decide to pursue.


Some things you should know if considering Army ROTC:

  1. We have students from the University of South Alabama, the University of Mobile, and Springhill College.

  2. The leadership and management skills learned while in ROTC will enable cadets to succeed in whatever career they pursue. The University of South Alabama Army ROTC currently has cadets who major in everything from Fine Arts and Political Science to Physical Therapy and Mechanical Engineering.

  3. In addition to the national scholarship program, on-campus ROTC scholarships are also available to qualified applicants.

  4. ROTC cadets are not "in the Army." Non-scholarship MS I and MS II cadets (typically freshmen and sophomores, respectively) may withdraw without incurring any military service-obligation.

  5. ROTC does not interfere with cadets' regular college program, but in fact complements campus life. Many cadets in the Jaguar Battalion choose to participate in other on-campus programs, such as varsity and club sports, student government, and other student organizations.

  6. ROTC is not a major, but a series of elective courses.
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