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Photography Courses

ARS 281 Intro to Photography      3 cr
An introduction to the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. Investigation of picture making problems and control of photographic media. Involves the use of color transparency materials and an introduction to black and white processing and enlarging. Students must have 35 mm single lens reflex cameras capable of being operated in the manual exposure mode. Fee.  

ARS 290 Special Topics
     3-6 cr
A lower level studio, lecture, or seminar course treating a special medium, subject, or theme, as announced. This course may be repeated when the topic varies, for a maximum of six credit hours. Prerequisite: As announced. Fee  

ARS 381 Intermediate Photo I
     3 cr
This course is designed to allow you to begin to communicate your own vision and artistic voice. This course is intended to take your technical skills to the next level, by reading, writing and thinking about photography. Prerequisite: ARS 281. Fee.  

ARS 382 Intermediate Photo II      3 cr
The three main objectives of this course are to further your knowledge of fine art photography, learn how to conceptualize ideas through the medium of photography, and to treat photography primarily as a creative medium for discussing personal, political, and social concerns. Since photography is tied to many technical processes, these concerns will also be acknowledged in this class. Prerequisite: ARS 381. Fee.  

ARS 387 Digital Silver Photography
     3 cr
This studio course examines the intersecting theories and practices of photography with digital cameras and computer imaging. Prerequisite: ARS 382. Fee.  

ARS 481 Advanced Photography       3-6 cr
This course will strive to help further develop each student's artistic strength in their use of the photographic medium. Each student will be required to write a statement explaining the body of work that they will create and what particular processes they might be interested in exploring. Prerequisite: ARS 382. Fee.  

ARS 483 Color Photography       3-6 cr
This is an introduction to color photography. The goals are to become familiar with all aspects of color photography including, film selection, procession, printing, theory, and criticism. Prerequisite: ARS 382. Fee.  

ARS 485 Alternative Photographic Processes       3-6 cr
This is an advanced studio art course designed for students with a background in photography (primary B&W) who want to expand their image making vocabulary through the use of early photographic techniques. Prerequisite: ARS 481. Fee.  

ARS 487 Photo Bookmaking       3-6 cr
This class will focus on the design and construction of artist books. We will be exploring structure and form and how they support and influence the content of a book. Prerequisite: ARS 382. Fee.  

ARS 490 Special Topics       3-6 cr
An advanced studio, lecture, or seminar course treating a special medium, subject, or theme, as announced. This course may be repeated when the topic varies, for a maximum of six credit hours. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of the instructor.  

ARS 494 Directed Studies       3-6 cr
Independent work in approved studio medium or topic under the direction of a studio faculty member. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. Prerequisites: As announced, senior standing, and permission of the instructor. Fee.  

ARS 496 Professional Studies: Internship       3 cr
Students intern in specialized area of interest. Written report required. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing.  

ARS 498 Senior Thesis
      6 cr
An independent project of creative work in the area of the Primary Concentration or one or more Secondary Concentrations, with the guidance of one to three faculty advisors. The student is required to work at least 18 hours a week in the studio. The thesis must be publicly exhibited.  

ARS 499 Honors Senior Thesis
      3 cr
Honors student, the first semester, will identify and carry out independent scholarly research on a topic with the guidance of a faculty member. The second semester, the student will produce a body of work that incorporates and exemplifies the ideas explored in the research paper. The paper will be concluded with a formal presentation to the Visual Arts faculty. The Honors project will be graded by a three-member faculty committee, chaired by the mentor. This course is to be taken as two sequential, three-credit course units.

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