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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015


IST 210 Introduction to Disability 3 cr
This course will provide students from any discipline the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to effectively work with people with disabilities in a variety of settings. Disability is examined as a type of diversity. Topics include: the history and sociological context of disability; the impact of disability on the individual and family; advocacy and civil rights; current trends in services and supports for children and adults with disabilities; and respectful language and interaction. Students will actively engage in readings, discussions, and writing on disability issues.
IST 302

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies - IDP

3 cr
Provides students an introduction to the field of interdisciplinary studies and an opportunity to critically reflect on the experience of self, education, and career, and the relationship among these three phenomena. IST 302 is required of all IDP students and must be taken before IST 496 or AIS 380. Pre-requisite: junior or senior standing.
IST 310 Global Leadership for the 21st Century 3 cr
This course helps prepare students to assume global leadership roles in their careers and the community at large. Students explore leadership theories and principles as well as investigate leadership qualities among historical and contemporary individuals. In addition, students confront present-day global issues and argue viewpoints orally, as well as through persuasive and technical papers. Students are expected to complete an interdisciplinary project based on global issues.
IST 495 Professional Leadership Development 3 cr
Students will examine their skills, abilities, personality, attitudes, values, interests and behaviors within the context of current scholarship on leadership to increase awareness of their leadership competencies.
IST 496 Professional Studies: Internship 3 cr
The purpose of the internship is to give the interdisciplinary studies student supervised practical experience in a setting related to the student's concentration. Pre-requisites: Completion of IST 302 or AIS 301 with a grade of C or better, an approved graduation plan, and approved internship application signed by the IST internship coordinator; concurrent Pre-requisite: AIS 300.
IST 498 Internship II: Capstone Experience (W) 3 cr
This post-internship course provides the student an opportunity to reflect on and critically evaluate the internship experience, particularly as it relates to the interdisciplinary course of study. Students will prepare reports, write papers, make presentations, and engage in group discussion that critically considers the internship of the previous semester. Pre-requisite: AIS 300, AIS 350, IST 496.

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