University Bulletin 2016-17

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Admissions / Enrollment Services


The University of South Alabama welcomes applications from all individuals whose preparations and abilities give them reasonable chance of success in its programs. Admission recognizes both the university's commitment to excellence and its role as an urban institution. The University of South Alabama does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion or national origin. These provisions also apply to disabled individuals pursuant to current federal and state regulations subject to reasonable standards of admission and employment.

Admission to the University

The Office of Admissions processes all applications for admission to undergraduate and graduate programs at the University. Inquiries about admission should be addressed to the Director of Admissions, Meisler Hall Suite 2500, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002, or telephoned to (251)460-6141, toll-free number at (800)872-5247, or e-mail at Information is also available via a link on the University's Home Page on the World Wide Web:

Application for Admission

Students applying for admission to the University of South Alabama are required to file an application for admission with the $45 nonrefundable processing fee (online fee $35) by the deadlines noted. The application is available on the Admissions web site via a link from
Note: The University reserves the right to change fees without prior notice, as deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees.

Deadlines, Transcripts, and Test Scores

Students are urged to apply for admission well before their intended semester of entry. Scholarships and other financial aid and housing are more likely to be available to the qualified student who applies early. All undergraduate applications, including the required official documents, must be received no later than July 15 for fall semester, December 1 for spring semester, and May 1 for summer semester. Documents received by the deadline are guaranteed to be processed before new student orientation and registration. Deadlines for applications and supporting documents for international students are earlier than the deadlines for U.S. Citizens. Refer to the "International Students" section for details. Scholarship deadlines are significantly earlier and published in the "Financial Aid" section of the Bulletin.

All documents required for admission review (transcripts, test scores, or letters of recommendation) must be official, i.e., mailed from the home institution or testing agency directly to the Office of Admissions by the deadline. These documents become the property of the University of South Alabama. The applicant is responsible for making certain that the admission application, processing fee, and all required documents are received by the University by the appropriate deadline.
First Time Freshmen must submit an official high school transcript showing grades earned and courses pursued. (A final official high school transcript showing the date of graduation is required for those who apply before the end of their senior year.) In addition, First-Time freshmen applicants must submit official college entrance examination scores-either the result of the ACT or the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT).

High school students should take the test in the spring of the junior year or early in their senior year so test results will reach the University in ample time for admission review. Applicants must have the scores sent directly to the University from the testing agency by listing the University's code number as a recipient when registering for the examination (ACT code is 0059; SAT code is 1880) or by requesting an additional score report from the testing agency.

In some instances, the Director of Admissions may require the applicant to submit a recommendation from the high school counselor or principal.

High school graduates must submit test scores if their semester of matriculation is within five years of high school graduation or if they have not reached the age of 23. If applying for admission five years after graduation, applicants who have not taken the ACT or SAT need not sit for the examination and may apply under the Adult Special Freshman Admissions category.

(See "Adult Special Admission" section below).


Requirements For First Time Freshmen Admission

16 hours of required academic core courses

Curriculum Area Units Courses
English 4  
Mathematics  Must include Algebra I, Algebra II or higher
Science  At least 2 of the sciences must include labs. 
Social Science   
Advanced Electives  3 Courses chosen from any of the four core areas above and foreign language. 
Total Core Units 16   

GPA and Test Scores

USA generally admits students with:

  • a minimum ACT score of 19 or SAT score of 900 (critical reading and math only) if taken before March 2016, or New SAT score of at least 980 (Evidence Based Reading/Writing and math only) with a minimum GPA of 2.50.

Students who do not meet the standards for regular admission will be considered for conditional admission. Students admitted in this Conditional Freshman category with identified academic deficiencies will be required to take course(s) to address these deficiencies.  These prescribed courses must be completed within three semesters or 36 credit hours.  The penalty for failure to meet this condition will be suspension for one semester, not including summer term.  Approval by the Dean of the School of Continuing Education and Special Programs is required as part of the readmission process.  Upon readmission, students will have one semester to complete their special courses requirement.  Students who have completed and satisfied academic certification requirements for the National Collegiate Athletic Association under Division I guidelines may be considered for conditional admission. (This option is available to all freshmen applicants.)

It is recommended that students submit the following items for additional consideration:

  1. Letter of recommendation from your high school counselor or a teacher in a college preparatory course.
  2. Personal essay on your reason for attending USA and your career plans.
  3. Resume, to include a summary of special talents or skills.

The Alabama High School Diploma with Advanced Endorsement meets all University of South Alabama core requirements. The Credit Based Diploma awarded by Alabama High Schools is accepted; however, students must meet all high school core requirements listed above.

Students will be permitted to enroll in mathematics classes based on either a prerequisite course, their Math-ACT score, their Math-SAT score, or the Mathematics Placement test.  Mathematics placement can be found at  Students may also be required to take reading or English courses based upon their ACT-English, ACT-Reading or SAT-Critical Reading score.  English or Reading placement can be found at

Admission Appeal Procedure

Applicants who fail to meet admission requirements as listed above and who believe that they have extenuating circumstances that might justify a different decision may contact the Admissions Office for procedures to seek additional consideration.