University Bulletin 2016-17

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Publication Services

The Office of Publication Services is located in University Commons (UCOM) on the corner of University Boulevard and Old Shell Road. This department services the printing needs of students, faculty, and staff on an individual, departmental, or organizational basis. Publication Services provides the latest techniques in composition, creative design and layout, camera work, and one to multicolor offset printing.

Publications Services also provides walk-in cash copy orders while you wait. All directional and informational signage, as well as, plaques and name tags are produced in our department. Large format printing can be created up to 60 inches wide. Lamination is also available for materials up to 42 inches wide.

The quality and effectiveness of a publication can be enhance by consulting with staff artists early in the design stages. consultation also allows Publication Services to share valuable timesaving and cost-effective tips with the customer.

Publication Services creates printed material tailored to meet specific needs, including resumes, newsletters, directories, handbooks, posters and flyers, stationery, and more. for further information or to schedule an appointment, call (251) 380-2828.