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  • MGT 300
    Management Theory and Practice
    3 cr

    Theories of organizational structures, practices, and behavior, and the effective management of organizations. Emphasis on developing patterns and strategies of organizational management in a dynamic environment as affected by the interaction of material and human resources using the technique of applied social and management sciences.

  • MGT 305
    Organizational Comm - W
    3 cr

    A study of written and oral communication of organizations. Emphasis is given to communication theory, including organization flows and barriers to organizational communication. The preparation of neutral, negative, and persuasive written messages as well as formal written reports is covered in depth. In addition, oral presentations and employment interviews are discussed.

    Pre-requisite: (EH 102 Minimum Grade of C or EH 105 Minimum Grade of C)
  • MGT 311
    Legal Environ of Bus II
    3 cr

    An advanced treatment of the law of agency, commercial transactions, business organizations, property, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, professional liability, debtor-creditor relations, including applicable sections of Uniform Commercial Code.

    Pre-requisite: BUS 265 Minimum Grade of D or (MGT 310 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 422 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 332 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 422 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 325
    Operations Management
    3 cr

    Addresses concepts, problems, and managerial approaches applicable to the management of manufacturing and service operations. The course will examine the strategic and tactical considerations that are involved in creating a systematic framework that supports the creation of competitive advantages through effective operations and the production of high quality products. Topics covered include the role of operations in the overall organization, operations strategy development and implementation, product design and process selection, location and capacity planning, facilities layout, quality management, inventory management, production planning, scheduling and control, and project management. An important component of the overall course is the incorporation of computer applications for problem solving and decision making in operations.

    Pre-requisite: (MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 322 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D) and (BUS 255 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 250 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 255 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 300 Minimum Grade of D or ST 275 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 334
    International Mgt
    3 cr

    This course exposes students to the challenges that confront the managers of organizations & individuals in global settings. Special focus is on dealing with and benefitting from the diversity that exists across international cultures, markets, economics, governments, and organizations

    Pre-requisite: MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D
  • MGT 340
    Organizational Behavior - W
    3 cr

    A study of human and group behavior in the workplace and within society. The focus is on individual characteristics and processes such as personality, perception, and motivation; interpersonal processes such as group behavior, leadership, communication, and decision making; and organizational processes such as culture, structure, power, and change. Prerequisite: Junior Standing.

    Pre-requisite: (EH 102 Minimum Grade of C or EH 105 Minimum Grade of C) and (MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 322 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D) and (MGT 305 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 324 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 345
    Creativity and Innovation
    3 cr

    This course provides a broad framework for understanding the nature of entrepreneurship in multiple organizational settings. The course introduces students to the innovation and idea generation process and helps students determine the most desirable educational path for them to achieve their career goals. Sophomore standing.

  • MGT 347
    3 cr

    This course is designed for students who are interested in learning about the opportunities and threats that abound in the modern world of franchising. Students will study existing franchising from both a historical and theoretical context. The logic of this course is that franchising is one of the development models that minimize risk for the "small business" focused student. Some franchising oriented people may want to start a franchise and grow it rapidly. This option is often a first step into business ownership for inexperienced owners. We discuss the applicability, opportunities, challenges, and implementation of the franchising model for expanding existing businesses. The format consists of case study and lecture discussion sequenced with extensive background readings, occasional guest lecturers, and a term case-based project culminating in a transactional plan.

  • MGT 351
    Human Resource Management
    3 cr

    Principles, policies, and practices used to develop a sound human resource management program in the business organization. Among the topics included are job analysis, employment, organization development, employee development and evaluation, wage and salary administration and labor relations.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D
  • MGT 355
    Leg & Fin Aspects of Entrepren
    3 cr

    This course provides an overview of the legal and financial issues most frequently encountered by entrepreneurs and others involved in start-ups and small closely held, or family businesses. The course covers various aspects of financing and entrepreneurial venture. Mojor topics attracting seed and growth capital from sources such as venture capital, investment banking, government, and commercial banks; creating, protecting and leveraging intellectual property. Among the issues discussed are valuing a company, going public, selling out, acquisitions, bankruptcy, different legal forms or organizations, partnerships, and taxes.

  • MGT 356
    Strategic Issues in Family Bus
    3 cr

    This course examines a new discipline that has developed in the last ten years and focuses on the unique aspects of family businesses. Organizational behavior, law, finance, operations, and basic small business concepts are being integrated into this course. Students will have an opportunity to consult with and develop transition plans for a family firm in a live field project.

  • MGT 357
    3 cr

    This course includes a review of traditional as well as current thinking in Leadership theory. Students will complete several self-assessment exercises designed to assess one's leadership style and ability as a leader. A series of successful leaders will be studied in-depth. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing.

  • MGT 365
    New Venture Creation
    3 cr

    How new businesses are organized and planned. Objectives are: 1) understanding the knowledge, skills and abilities required of entrepreneurs, 2) creating and developing opportunities for new ventures, and 3) planning resources to convert those opportunities into businesses. Students work in teams to develop a business plan for a new venture they have chosen.

  • MGT 390
    Total Quality Management
    3 cr

    Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management philosophy which emphasizes customer focus, continuous improvement, and employee involvement throughout the organization. This course is an introductory course which examines these components and their integration into a comprehensive quality management system.

    Pre-requisite: (MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D) and (MGT 325 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 396 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 384 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 430
    Operations Research
    3 cr

    Reviews selected operations research concepts; nonlinear optimization methods, linear programming; dynamic programming; model building; and simulation methods. The student is expected to understand the concepts of operations research and to be able to use computer procedure to solve problems.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 325 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 396 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 384 Minimum Grade of D
  • MGT 441
    Service Operations
    3 cr

    This course will provide students the opportunity to learn about service operations management, including service strategies and operations considerations and imperatives for service enterprises and how service systems are structured and operated. Students will also learn about various tools and techniques for managing service operations such as how to forecast service demand, determine capacity requirements, schedule activities, coordinate operations, plan and schedule service activities, and evaluate system performance.

    Pre-requisite: (MGT 325 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 384 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 396 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 450
    Organizational Staffing
    3 cr

    A detailed study of the function of employee staffing in a modern work organization. Emphasis on job analysis, criterion development, development and use of employment tests, validation of selection techniques, and statistical methods for making fair employment decisions. Course work includes a comprehensive staffing project.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 351 Minimum Grade of D and (BUS 245 Minimum Grade of D or ST 175 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 245 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 250 Minimum Grade of D or ST 210 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 451
    Employee Training -Development
    3 cr

    An applied course which details the training and development function. Content areas of job analysis, training needs analysis, training program development and implementation, and program evaluation will be incorporated in a comprehensive training and development project.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 340 Minimum Grade of D and MGT 351 Minimum Grade of D
  • MGT 452
    Employment Law
    3 cr

    Analysis of significant workplace torts and laws regulating the employment relationship including: Title VII, FMLA, AOA, ADEA, FLSA, OSHA and related state laws. Emphasis on federal legislation and developing case law.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 351 Minimum Grade of D and (BUS 265 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 310 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 332 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 422 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 422 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 454
    Compensation Administration
    3 cr

    A study of the fundamentals of compensation administration in organizations. Topics include job analysis, KSA determination, job evaluation, wage structure development, incentive pay systems, legal aspects of compensation and new developments in compensation. Comprehensive course project required.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 351 Minimum Grade of D
  • MGT 455
    Labor - Management Relations
    3 cr

    An examination of the organizing, negotiation, and contract administration phases of union-management relations. Case analyses, federal legislation and case law in labor relations, significant current issues, and a collective bargaining simulation are featured.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 351 Minimum Grade of D
  • MGT 460
    Organiz Development and Change
    3 cr

    Provides insight into the theory and practice of organization change and development. It bridges the gap between theory and practice and emphasizes the process of improving both organizations and individuals. Topics covered encompass understanding organizations and how they change, intervention strategies and methods for improving organizations, quality of work-life approaches and strategic considerations in system-wide change.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D
  • MGT 462
    Negotiatn/Disp Resolutn in Bus
    3 cr

    This course provides theoretical background and practical applications in business negotiation, conflict management, and alternative dispute resolution. Areas covered include positional and interest-based bargaining, business and employment arbitration, organizational conflict management strategies, mediation, and effective communications for negotiators and ADR participants.

    Pre-requisite: (MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 322 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 470
    High Performance Organizations
    3 cr

    Course examines the role of organization culture, leadership, employee involvement, work teams, and human resource practices in developing and sustaining high performance organizations that practice the principles of total quality management. Senior Standing.

    Pre-requisite: (MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 322 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 475
    Strategic HRM
    3 cr

    This is a capstone course in human resource management that reviews essential human resource management topics to prepare students for the SHRM Assurance of Learning Exam. Topics covered include strategic HR, ethics, recruiting and selection, employee and organizational development, performance management, employment law, compensation administration, workplace safety, employee relations, labor relations, and general management topics including motivation, individual differences, organizational culture, and leadership. In addition, the course covers state of the art issues in human resource management, which are new and not well developed in existing texts.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 351 Minimum Grade of D and (MGT 340 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 320 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 483
    Social Entrepreneurship
    3 cr

    The course provides a broad theoretical perspective and practical framework for understanding social entrepreneurs and the social ventures they create ranging from local social organizations to large international social ventures leading global change. The course introduces students to the possibilities of social entrepreneurship and an introduction to the entire social venture creation process and life cycle. This course is a service-learning based and all students will participate in term-based community-based projects with local non-profit organizations. Extensive work outside of the normal classroom hours is required for this course.

  • MGT 485
    Bus Policy in Global Eco - W
    3 cr

    The culmination course in business and management education. Interdisciplinary and global in nature, the course uses the case method to develop a top management perspective in which all business disciplines are integrated into the organization's effective total functioning. Prerequisites: Seniors who have completed all core courses, have petitioned for graduation and are beginning the final semester.

    Co-requisite: MGT 486
    Pre-requisite: (BUS 305 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 350 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 412 Minimum Grade of D) and (FIN 315 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 341 Minimum Grade of D or FIN 341 Minimum Grade of D) and (MGT 305 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 324 Minimum Grade of D) and (MGT 310 Minimum Grade of D or BUS 265 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 332 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 422 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 422 Minimum Grade of D) and (MGT 325 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 396 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 384 Minimum Grade of D) and (MKT 320 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 371 Minimum Grade of D or MKT 371 Minimum Grade of D)
  • MGT 486
    Undergraduate Comp Exam
    0 cr

    Comprehensive exam

    Co-requisite: MGT 485
  • MGT 490
    Sp Top -
    3 cr

    Designed to provide senior students an opportunity to study selected topics of particular interest. (A student may count no more than three hours of Special Topics in the concentration).

  • MGT 492
    Management Analysis & Consult
    3 cr

    Designed to help students bridge the gap between management theory and the realities involved in the practice of management. Topics include (1) development of the human, social, and political skills of the student as an individual, (2) business ethics, (3) global management issues, and (4) current trends in society that affect business and management. Assignments include a project with a local organization to identify critical management issues, analyze alternatives, and present specific recommended solutions to company managers. Senior standing.

    Pre-requisite: (MGT 300 Minimum Grade of D or BMS 322 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 322 Minimum Grade of D) and (MGT 320 Minimum Grade of D or MGT 340 Minimum Grade of D) and MGT 351 Minimum Grade of D
  • MGT 494
    Dir St in Management
    3 cr

    Primarily designed to give superior students an opportunity to study some phase of management of particular interest. Conferences, a bibliography, and a formal research report are required. Junior or senior standing, a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, and approval of the department chair following the evaluation of a written proposal.

  • MGT 496
    Management Internship
    3 cr

    The internship program is designed to give students practical experience in their field of study. Students complete directed projects under the supervision of Department Chair. No more than three hours of internship credit may be counted toward a degree in the Mitchell College of Business. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing, declared major in management, overall GPA of at least 2.5, and Internship Agreement signed by department Chair.

  • MGT 503
    Management Information Systems
    3 cr

    This course provides an overview of information systems from an organizational, managerial, and technical perspective. The topics covered will focus on the strategic role of information systems and information technology in business processes, change and knowledge management, group and individual decision-making, and electronic commerce.

  • MGT 521
    Data Analy for Bus Decisions
    3 cr

    An examination of basic statistical concepts used in business analysis. Topics include fundamental probability, sampling, statistical estimation, test of hypothesis, analysis of variance, and regression analysis. Emphasis is placed on the use of statistical techniques for business decision making.

  • MGT 522
    Supply Chain & Operations Mgmt
    3 cr

    An integrative approach to the processes, operations, and information required to produce and transform resources into value-added outputs that maximize customer satisfaction. Particular emphasis is placed on strategic supply chain management, operations strategy, value chain analysis, demand management, process mapping, quality assurance, customer fulfillment strategies, order fulfillment processes, relationship and information management in supply networks, measuring operational performance, and analytical tools for managing operations and supply systems.

  • MGT 530
    Managing People & Organization
    3 cr

    The course combines individual and group behavior topics with essential fundamentals of human resource management to ensure that students are prepared to meet the challenges of managing resources and leading people in today's dynamic organizations. Topics include: leadership, decision-making, motivation, communication, conflict resolution, diversity, organizational staffing, compensation management, and employee training and development.

  • MGT 532
    Legal & Ethical Environ of Bus
    3 cr

    Legal and Ethical Environment of Business is designed to develop an in-depth analytical understanding of selected legal/ethical issues and trends and their impact on management and other business functions. Students will analyze the legal and ethical implications of issues including products liability, professional regulations, corporate responsibility, workplace discrimination and harassment, privacy, workplace safety, restraints on trade, land use regulation, international law, and alternative dispute resolution.

  • MGT 580
    Strategic Management
    3 cr

    The integrative capstone course emphasizes decision-making through a strategic management process. The strategic management process requires decision-makers to evaluate industry conditions and company-specific resources, capabilities, and competencies using analytical tools to identify strategic issues and alternatives critical to the company's well-being. The course includes decision-making scenarios at corporate-, business- and unit-levels, including business and multinational diversification, formulation of business and competitive strategy, and strategy execution issues. The course also examines the importance of effective corporate governance and decision-making keyed to ethical and socially responsible principles and values.

    Co-requisite: MGT 599
  • MGT 590
    Sp Top -
    3 cr

    Designed to provide graduate students an opportunity to study selected topics. Approval of Department Chair. A student may count no more than three hours if Special Topics in the MBA degree program.

    Pre-requisite: MBA Prerequisites P
  • MGT 594
    Independent Study - Management
    3 cr

    Readings and research on selected topics. Conferences and formal research report required. Prerequisites: Approval of Department Chair.

  • MGT 599
    MBA Comprehensive Exam
    0 cr

    A corequisite course with MGT 580 with no credit hours which includes a graduate comprehensive business exam.

    Co-requisite: MGT 580
  • MGT 601
    Sem in Org Behavior
    3 cr

    This seminar provides an introduction to established theories and emerging trends in the field of organizational behavior. The course explores the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of individuals within the context of work, teams, organizations, and society. The emphasis is on organizational theory and development.

  • MGT 603
    Seminar in Org Theory & Change
    3 cr

    This is a foundational overview seminar. The purposes of the seminar are to 1) provide an in-depth understanding of the dominant theoretical approaches used in organizational theory, 2) give a historical overview of the theories of organization change, and 3) develop student skills in evaluating, extending, and communicating ideas about organizational theory and/or change as it relates to the student's research.

  • MGT 605
    3 cr

    This course includes a review of traditional as well as current thinking in leadership theory with a special emphasis on emotional and social intelligence and organizational citizenship behavior.

  • MGT 607
    Strategic Management
    3 cr

    The course is designed to develop a thorough understanding of the primary frameworks of competitive strategy and corporate strategy. Topics covered in the course include: industry and competitive analysis, resource-based view of the firm, value chain analysis, competitive strategies, business models, scope of the firm, strategic alliances, and offensive and defensive strategies.

  • MGT 609
    Sem. Sp. Topics
    3 cr

    This course will cover two broad areas. The first is a reprise and extension of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The second is an introduction to Game Theory (GT) and applications thereof.

  • MGT 799
    Dissertation Research
    3 TO 6 cr

    Independent Scholarship working with committee.

    Pre-requisite: MGT 798 Minimum Grade of P