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Mathematics for College

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  • MTH 100
    Intermediate College Algebra
    3 cr

    This course includes using set, interval, roster and scientific notation; solving and graphing: equations, inequalities, and absolute value equations, functions, systems of inequalities, quadratic equations, rational equations, radical equations, exponential and logarithmic equations; operations on: functions, rational exponents, polynomials, rational expressions, radical expressions, complex numbers; and problem solving. Prerequisite: Appropriate score on the Mathematics Placement Exam or successful completion of DS 082. Fee.

    Pre-requisite: MyMathTest 060 or ACT Math 19 or SAT Mathematics 500
  • MTH 101
    College Algebra
    4 cr

    Introduction to algebraic rules used to simplify or manipulate algebraic expressions and solve linear equations and inequalities. Various forms of linear equations manipulated; the solutions and graphs of linear equations and linear inequalities explored. Rate of change; functions and graphs; piecewise-defined functions. Working with set operations: solutions to absolute value inequalities and compound inequalities expressed in set and interval notation; systems of inequalities. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and simplification of expressions, rational expressions, and polynomials. Solutions to rational and radical equations. Quadratic expressions factored and solutions to quadratic equations by factoring, graphing, and quadratic methods. Practical applications to problem solving.