University Bulletin 2016-17

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Developmental Studies

Department of Developmental Studies (251) 460-7155
Math Coordinator, Interim Co-Chair Leslie Whiston
Coordinator of Language Arts and Reading, Interim Co-Chair Jeremy Daughtry
Instructional Lab Supervisor Sharon Schwarz
Secretary Melissa Hennis

Department of Developmental Studies

The Mission of the Department of Developmental Studies is to produce courses and instructional support services of excellence that address the needs of students in their preparation for collegiate study and students in transition to the University. 

Developmental Studies

The courses and services offered provide students with opportunities to strengthen the basic skills necessary for academic success; to explore career options and preparation; to access campus activities, programs, and services; and to become active participants in the University community.

Credits earned in courses with a DS prefix do not meet degree requirements within the University. The credits earned do carry institutional, non-degree credit and allow students to qualify for financial aid. Grades earned are computed into the overall GPA in most colleges and hours are counted toward classification (sophomore, etc.). Credits earned in courses with a CP, LAS, MTH, or RDG prefix count as free electives.

For students whose ACT English subscore is less than 19 or SAT Critical Reading subscore is less than 470, concurrent enrollment in EH 101S (3 cr) and EH 101L (1 cr) may serve as a substitution for LAS 100, with department chair’s approval. 

Math Lab Information


The Math Technology Lab is located in ASC 1301. 


  • 137 computer workstations with Internet access
  • Separate testing area and private tutoring rooms
  • Study room for one-on-one or group tutoring
  • Tutors and instructors available during all operating hours to assist students

Career Planning and Development

Career Planning and Development is a university-wide program offered under the aegis of the School of Continuing Education and Special Programs. The career courses are open to all students for credit. There are no prerequisites for CP 250 and 450.

The Career Program is designed to achieve four objectives: (1) to help students begin their academic careers with the skills necessary for college success; (2) to provide occupational exposure to students who plan to enter medicine, dentistry, optometry, or veterinary medicine; (3) to assist students who are uncertain as to a career or a major; and (4) to help students launch their careers by obtaining suitable employment upon graduation, or to help students plan and develop their graduate or professional education.

Faculty Listing

Developmental Studies Faculty
Bolerjack, Sheila R. Developmental Studies Instructor BS, University of South Alabama
MED, University of South Alabama
Case, Carol D. Developmental Studies Part-Time Instructor AA, Jefferson State Community Col
BS, Univ of Alabama-Birmingham
MA, University of South Alabama
Darby, Latonya C. Developmental Studies Instructor BS, University of Mobile
MED, University of South Alabama
Daughtry, Jeremy J. Developmental Studies Instructor BS, University of South Alabama
MA, University of South Alabama
Gibson, Amanda C. Developmental Studies Instructor BA, Florida State University
CERTG, Kansas State UniversityMA, University of Great Falls
MA, University of South Alabama
Whiston, Leslie E. Developmental Studies Instructor BS, Indiana University-Bloomington
MED, University of South AlabamaXCTF, Immaculata College