University Bulletin 2016-17

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English Language Center

English Language Center
(251) 460-7185
Interim Director Gecewicz, K. Chimène

English Language Center Website
(251) 460-7185

The English Language Center provides intensive English-language instruction to individuals whose native language is not English. Matriculation in these courses is limited to international students enrolled in the University, to students enrolled in classes at the English Language Center and to any resident internationals who wish to take one or more courses as students through the Continuing Education division of the University.

ESL 015 and ESL 016 are offered during the fall and spring semesters. Placement in ESL 015 and 016 is based on English proficiency. Students may be placed in ESL 015 or 016 based on IELTS/TOEFL subscores.  All required ESL courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher BEFORE the student may register for EH 101 or 102. ESL courses MAY NOT be substituted for EH 101 or 102 requirements. Credits earned in the English Language Center will not be acceptable toward meeting degree requirements within the University. However, ESL courses may be counted as part of the 12-hour course load required of F-1 students and may be taken as electives by students wishing to improve their proficiency in English.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Credit Hours
ESL 015 Advanced ESL Read-Vocabulary 3
ESL 016 Advanced ESL Composition 3

Faculty Listing

English Language Center Faculty
Basque, Anthony M. English as 2nd Lang Senior Instructor BA, University of South Alabama
MA, University of South Alabama
Gecewicz, Karen C. English as 2nd Lang Instructor BA, University of Southern Miss
MA, University of Southern Miss
MATL, University of Southern Miss
Koestner, Sylvia I. English as 2nd Lang Instructor MA, University of Alabama
MA, University of Alabama
Taylor Jr., Marvin H. English as 2nd Lang Instructor BA, University of South Alabama
MS, Indiana University
Wingate, Sandra J. English as 2nd Lang Instructor BA, Biola University
MA, Oral Roberts University