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Physical Education (BS) - Exercise Science

Physical Education (BS) - Exercise Science
General Studies Component
See Department advising sheets for specific requirements and suggestions.
Requirements for Non-Certification Physical Education (Exercise Science)
HS 170 
HS 262 
HS 263 
HS 362 
LS 472
PE 100 
PE 201 
PE 278 
PE 282
PE 370
PE 380 
PE 381
PE 474
PE 475
PE 476
PE 479
PE 480
PE 482
PE 484
PE 495
BMD 114 
BMD 115 
PE 102 and three (3) different one-hour PE activities
USA computer proficiency requirement 

The Exercise Science program is an approved educational program by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines are emphasized in the curriculum. Upon degree completion, students are eligible to pursue nationally recognized certifications such as Personal Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Additional departmental requirements are listed on HKS advising sheets.

Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Faculty    
(251) 460-7131
Chair Kovaleski
Professors Gurchiek, Kovaleski, Pugh
Associate Professors Broach, Holden, Keshock, Norrell
Assistant Professor Forester, Schwarz, Spillane, Woltring
Senior Instructors Anastasio, Barter, Palombo

Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Sport web site

The Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Sport offers state and nationally accredited undergraduate and graduate teacher certification programs in Physical Education (P-12) and Health Education (6-12). 

The Department offers a totally on-line graduate program in Sport Management.  Undergraduate and graduate non-teacher certification programs are available in Physical Education (Exercise Science) and Health Education. An undergraduate major is offered in Leisure Studies with concentrations in Sport and Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation. The department also provides a physical activity instructional program for all university students through courses in physical fitness, lifetime sports, dance, and martial arts. An undergraduate Coaching Certificate program is also provided by the department.


Requirements For Admission To Candidacy In Teacher-certification Programs (HS and PE)

All students must apply in the Advising Center (UCOM 3360), College of Education, for admission to teacher candidacy. This is normally done during the final semester of the sophomore year or first semester of the junior year. All previously listed requirements of the University and College must be met prior to application. 

Teacher Candidacy Admission Requirements for PE P-12 & HEALTH 6-12 Majors in Health, Physical Education and Leisure Studies


60 semester hours (48 must be in General Education). A minimum of 12 semester hours must be taken at USA.

GPA Requirements:
  • 2.50 Minimum Overall GPA (All work attempted at USA).
  • 2.75 Minimum Program GPA (All courses used on this Advising Sheet, including transfer work).
  • 2.75 Minimum Professional Studies GPA (All courses used in the Professional Studies area, including transfer work).
  • 2.75 Minimum Teaching Field GPA (All courses used in the Teaching Field, including transfer work).
  • No grade below a "C" will be accepted in Professional Studies courses.

Course Requirements:
  • Course requirements for PE P-12 Majors: CA 110, EH 101, EH 102, BMD 114, EDM 310, EDU 400, EPY 351, PE 100, PE 201, and PE 166.
  • Course requirements for Health 6-12 Majors: CA 110, EH 101, EH 102, BMD 114, EDM 310, EDU 400, EPY 351, PE 100, PE 201, HS 170, HS 262, and HS 263.

Test Requirements:
  • AECTP – Satisfactory performance on all parts (Math, Reading, Writing) of the Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program. Official passing scores must be on file with the Office of Student Services. You must register for the test by calling 1-800-294-2105 or via the web: the Office of Student Services (UCOM 3020) or the Advising Center (UCOM 3360) for deadlines.

Other Requirements:
  • Proof of clear SDE fingerprinting/background check and professional liability insurance.
  • Completion of the Dispositions Survey and a signed teacher Candidacy application form.
  • Completion of a satisfactory departmental interview with your assigned advisor. Recommendation of advisor, department chairperson and approval of the Candidacy Committee.
  • Sufficient physical ability and emotional stability to perform as a teacher.
Application/Admission Information:
  • Candidacy applications are due one semester prior to enrolling in classes that require Candidacy. The intent is for students to apply for Candidacy AND meet with their advisor prior to registration to enable appropriate planning decisions for upcoming semesters.
  • Apply for Candidacy in the Advising Center (UCOM 3360).
  • The College of Education Candidacy Committee may recommend, defer or deny admission to the program.

Admission to Candidacy will remain deferred until all requirements have been met and grades are submitted at the end of the term. Once grades are available and all requirements are met, the Office of Student Services will notify students via their official JAG email account when they have been admitted to Candidacy. Students will then be able to register for Candidacy courses.

Requirements For Admission To Candidacy In Non-teacher-certification Programs (HS, LS, PE)

All students must apply for admission to a program during the semester immediately following the completion of 60 semester hours of credit provided they meet the requirements listed below. Courses in progress during the semester the student makes application for candidacy may be used in the candidacy application process.
Admission to a non-teacher certification program requires that

  1. The student:
    a. declare a specialization
    b. take any necessary tests
    c. submit to any needed evaluations
    d. be available for necessary interviews
  2. The student's application receives approval from the advisor and departmental chair. The application must be submitted to the College of Education Advising Center by the second week of the semester in which the student is eligible to be admitted.
  3. The student's application receives approval from the Undergraduate Candidacy Committee
  4. The student's application receives the approval of the Dean or Associate Dean, College of Education

Candidacy requirements are summarized on Departmental Advising Sheets.

The following are the criteria to be considered by the Undergraduate Candidacy Committee:

  1. Completion of 60 semester hours of course work, 48 of which must be in General Studies.
  2. A minimum overall grade-point average of 2.2 in the major/specialization (including transfer work) and a grade-point average of 2.2 on all work attempted at the University of South Alabama.
  3. Sufficient physical ability and emotional stability to perform successfully as a professional. These and other factors could be determined in a departmental interview.
  4. Recommendation of the advisor and department chair.
  5. Completion of any departmental prerequisite courses.
  6. HS majors must complete EH 101, EH 102; PE 100, PE 201; HS 170, HS 262, HS 263; BMD 114, BMD 115; CA 110, and any departmental prerequisite courses, in addition to the above.
  7. LS majors must complete EH 101, EH 102; LS 191, LS 292, LS 391, CA 110 and any departmental prerequisite courses, in addition to the above.
  8. PE (Exercise Science) majors must complete EH 101, EH 102; PE 100, PE 201, PE 282; HS 170, HS 262, HS 263; BMD 114, CA 110, and any departmental prerequisite courses, in addition to the above.

The Undergraduate Candidacy Committee may recommend the admission of the student to the program, defer admission, or reject the student's application.

Internships In Non-teaching (NTC) Programs (HS, LS, PE)

Students enrolled in one of the following NTC Programs: Health Education, Leisure Studies, or Physical Education/Exercise Science, must be admitted to candidacy in their program and attain senior status prior to enrollment in an internship. All internships must be completed at departmentally approved sites, and must be planned and approved at least one full semester in advance of the experience. No other academic courses may be taken during the internship without permission of the Department Chairperson and HPELS advisor. Health and Physical Education/Exercise Science students enroll in PE 495 and Leisure Studies students enroll in LS 498. See advisor for details and internship planning.

Grade-point Average (GPA) Deficiencies

If additional course work is necessary to fulfill a GPA requirement in any HPELS program, only course work in the humanities, social sciences, science, mathematics, or the teaching field/specialization may be used. Physical Education activity courses may not be used to enhance any program grade point average. Please see advisor for deficiency recommendations.


The Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Sport offers:

I. The Master of Education degree with specializations in:

  1. Sport Management;
  2. Exercise Science; and
  3. Non-Teacher Certification Health Education

These programs are planned to lead to Alabama Class A Teacher Certification. An Alabama Class B certificate or the equivalent is required for students seeking the Master's level (Class A) certification.

II. The Master of Science degree in Sport Managment; Exercise Science; and Non-Teacher Certification Health Education.