University Bulletin 2016-17

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International Education

Department of International Education (251) 460-7053
Director Holly Hudson
Manager of Immigration and International Affairs Regina George
Coordinator Bri Altier 
International Programs Assistant Elizabeth Calhoun
International Education Programs Advisor Angelo Pisano 

Department of International Education

The Office of International Education (OIE) provides to the University community information and support on international initiatives and responsible for the coordination, facilitation, and oversight of the University of South Alabama's international activity. It is comprised of the Study Abroad Office, The English Language Center (ELC}, and Immigration Compliance, and is charged with reviewing and approving university related travel abroad for students, faculty, and staff. OIE is actively involved in facilitating international academic exchange programs and additional international agreements for the University.

All existing or proposed international programs, exchanges, contracts and grants are reviewed and registered with the Office of International Education. The director chairs the University Council on International Education and Scholarship (USACIES), whose members are appointed by the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and charged with disseminating information, developing as well as guiding policy and planning for USA in the international arena. In addition, the Director of International Education works in collaboration with University deans, division heads and directors responsible for curriculum and faculty development.

Study Abroad

The Office of International Education administers all USA Education Abroad Programs, international cooperation agreements/contracts and advises on university business international travel. The Office of International Education is available for collaboration with local governmental, business and community organizations that foster international cooperation, exchange and understanding.

All USA students who plan to participate in a study, research, internship or work abroad opportunity must contact the Office of International Education for information on program advising and approval procedures.

Immigration Compliance

The Office of International Education is also responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures associated with US immigration compliance functions for foreign nationals associated with current and potential faculty/staff employment, J exchange scholars (including postdoctoral trainees, degree and non-degree students, professors and research scholars), academic/co-curricular exchange program participants and international guests.

English Language Center

English Language Center Website
(251) 460-7185

The English Language Center provides intensive English-language instruction to individuals whose native language is not English. Matriculation in these courses is limited to international students of the University, to students of the English Language Center and to any resident internationals who wish to take one or more courses as students through the Continuing Education division of the University.

The English Language Center (ELC) is administered by the Office of International Education. The ELC offers intensive English language instruction and cultural orientation to international students who are preparing to study at a U.S. University or who wish to improve their English.

A variety of courses are offered each semester. ESL courses MAY NOT be substituted for EH 101 or 102 requirements. All required ESL composition courses must be completed BEFORE the student may register for EH 101 or 102. Credits earned in the English Language Center will not be acceptable toward meeting degree requirements within the University. However, ESL courses may be counted as part of the 12-hour course load required of F-1 students and may be taken as electives by students wishing to improve their proficiency in English.