University Bulletin 2016-17

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Administrative Staff (251) 445-9330
Chair Dennis W. Fell
Professors Fell
Associate Professors Dale, Gubler, Kennedy
Assistant Professors Day, Eaton, Fletcher, White
Emeritus Gray, Wall

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A physical therapist, also called a PT, is a health care professional who provides direct patient care to persons who have disorders of movement, mechanical, physiological and developmental impairment and functional limitations, whether caused by injury, disease, or pain to help them achieve maximum physical function and mobility. Physical therapists have the necessary training to meet the total range of primary patient care responsibilities involved in preventing disabilities and promoting restoration of function to the physically impaired, including musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary and integumentary disorders that interfere with physical function. The Physical Therapist performs an examination and then uses clinical reasoning to plan and implement patient-centered PT intervention. Physical Therapists practice in rehabilitation centers, private practices, hospital-based and outpatient-based centers, home health care, sports medicine centers, school systems, and in universities to restore movement and function.

As its mission: "The Department of Physical Therapy is: 1) dedicated to the education of physical therapists who provide the highest levels of professional care to diverse communities while maintaining a commitment to life-long learning, and 2) committed to service and the advancement of knowledge in the profession through research and scholarly activity."

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Faculty Listing

Physical Therapy Faculty
Dale, Robert B. Physical Therapy Associate Professor BS, University of South Alabama
DPT, University of Tennessee-ChattMA, Univ of Alabama-Birmingham
PHD, University of Alabama
Day, Joseph M. Physical Therapy Assistant Professor BS, Murray State University
MS, University of Kentucky
PHD, University of Kentucky
Eaton, Kareaion D. Physical Therapy Assistant Professor BS, Auburn University
DPT, Alabama State UniversityMS, University of Mobile
Fell, Dennis W. Physical Therapy Professor BS, University of South Alabama
BSPT, University of South AlabamaMD, University of South Alabama
Fletcher, Jeremy C. Physical Therapy Assistant Professor BS, Univ of Louisiana at Monroe
DPT, University of South Alabama
Gubler, Coral M. Physical Therapy Associate Professor BS, State University of New York
MPT, University of Delaware
MS, United States Sports Academy
PHD, University of Montana
Kennedy, Elizabeth T. Physical Therapy Associate Professor BS, Georgia State University
MMSC, Emory University
PHD, University of Georgia
White, Laura W. Physical Therapy Assistant Professor BS, Baylor University
DSCPT, Univ of Alabama-BirminghamMS, Univ of Alabama-Birmingham