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The curriculum in the Department of Physics serves three groups of students: those preparing for careers in physics, those pursuing professional fields such as medicine and engineering, and those electing physics and astronomy as part of the natural-science requirement for Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degrees. The degree program in physics allows for flexibility to the extent that the serious student can select related courses in biology, chemistry, geology, computer science, and engineering to prepare for a career in such interdisciplinary areas as biophysics, geophysics, oceanography, and environmental science. Three options for a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics are offered. One option (the Premedical Option) is for those students pursuing medicine as a career. Sample programs and requirements for each option follow. Students pursuing a degree in Physics also must have a minor in another discipline. In addition, the Department of Physics offers a double major with the Meteorology program within the Department of Earth Sciences.

All first-time freshmen must successfully complete CAS 100: First Year Experience, as a degree requirement. Students must enroll during their first term at USA, except for summer-entry students who must enroll in the fall semester following entry.

All Physics majors must demonstrate technology proficiency by taking the JagSkills training modules for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and must present the certification found on the "My Progress" page of JagSkills to pass the PH 303 laboratory.
The Physics Pre-Medical Option requires a minimum of 129 hours, while the other Physics options require a minimum of 120 hours.

Course Listing

Faculty Listing

Physics Faculty
Boleman, Michael W. Physics Senior Instructor BS, University of West Georgia
MS, University of Kentucky
Brady, Melanie R. Physics Lab Instructor BS, University of Southern Miss
MS, University of Southern Miss
Burress, Jacob W. Physics Assistant Professor BS, Western Illinois University
MS, University of Missouri-Columb
PHD, University of Missouri-Columb
Gapud, Albert A. Physics Associate Professor BS, University of Kansas
PHD, University of Kansas
Godang, Romulus Physics Associate Professor BS, University of North Sumatra
MS, Virginia Polytechnic Inst and
PHD, Virginia Polytechnic Inst and
Han, Jianing Physics Assistant Professor BS, Hebei University
MS, Hebei University
PHD, University of Virginia
Jenkins, Charles M. Physics Professor BS, Georgia Inst of Tech - Main
MS, Florida State University
PHD, Florida State University
Novovic, Marija Physics Senior Instructor BS, University of NIS
MS, Louisiana Tech University
Sanders, Justin M. Physics Associate Professor BS, Texas A & M University
PHD, Kansas State University
Westmark, David A. Physics Part-Time Instructor BS, Florida State University
MS, Florida State University
PHD, Florida State University