University Bulletin 2016-17

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Professional Studies

Department of Professional Studies Staff    
(251) 380-2861
Chair James R. Stefurak
Professors Dagley, Davidson-Shivers, Dempsey, Hayes, Johnson, Litchfield, Van Haneghan           
Associate Professors Fregeau, Lewis, Millner, Stefurak
Assistant Professors

Browning, Lomax, McDermott, Pfaffman, Upton

Instructors Tashbin

Department of Professional Studies website

Department of professional studies

The Department of Professional Studies offers the Master of Education degree in Educational Media (leading to certification in Library Media), and in  School Counseling leading to certification as a school counselor, and the Master of Science degree in Educational Media & Technology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Instructional Design. The department also offers the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Instructional Design and Development.  The department collaborates with the Department of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences to deliver the Ph.D. degree in Combined-Integrated Clinical & Counseling Psychology. Finally, the department offers the B.S. degree in Instructional Design & Performance Improvement.

Interdepartmental education

Faculty within the department offer foundational coursework in Education Technology, Educational Psychology, Educational Foundations, and Educational Research. These courses are offered for students in the undergraduate and graduate programs throughout the college and are designed to broaden and strengthen degree-area preparation.

Faculty Listing

Professional Studies Faculty
Browning, Brandon R. Professional Studies Assistant Professor BBA, Idaho State University
MCOUN, Idaho State University
PHD, Auburn University
Dagley, John C. Professional Studies Professor BA, Culver-Stockton College
MS, Indiana University-Bloomington
PHD, University of Missouri-Columb
Davidson-Shivers, Gayle V. Professional Studies Professor BS, Oregon State University
MA, University of Minn-Twin Cities
PHD, University of Minn-Twin Cities
Fregeau, Laureen A. Professional Studies Associate Professor BS, Stonehill College
MA, University of Mass-Boston
PHD, Pennsylvania State University
Johnson, Robert B. Professional Studies Professor BS, University of Oregon
MA, Bowling Green St U-Main Campus
MPA, University of Michigan-Ann Arb
MS, Radford University
PHD, University of Georgia
Lewis, Joel P. Professional Studies Associate Professor BS, University of South Alabama
MS, University of South Alabama
PHD, University of South Alabama
Lomax, Edward C. Professional Studies Assistant Professor BS, Drexel University
MLS, University of Pittsburgh
PHD, University of Pittsburgh
McDermott, Ryon C. Professional Studies Assistant Professor BA, University of Kansas
MED, University of Houston
PHD, University of Houston
Millner, Vaughn S. Professional Studies Associate Professor BS, University of Alabama
MS, University of South Alabama
PHD, Auburn University
Pfaffman, Jay A. Professional Studies Assistant Professor BS, Vanderbilt University
PHD, Vanderbilt University
Stefurak, James R. Professional Studies Associate Professor AB, University of Georgia
MED, University of Georgia
PHD, University of Georgia
Tashbin, Gholamreza Professional Studies Instructor BS, Spring Hill College
MBA, Spring Hill College
Upton, Amy W. Professional Studies Assistant Professor BA, Old Dominion University
MS, Old Dominion University
PHD, Old Dominion University
Van Haneghan, James P. Professional Studies Professor BS, State University of New York
MA, State University of New York
PHD, University of Maryland-Bal Cnt