University Bulletin 2017-2018

Global USA

Global USA   (251) 460-6283
Assoc. VP for Global Engagement Dr. Richard W. Carter
Administrative Assistant Ms. Gloria Poché
Secretary Ms. Sharon Leinhos

Global USA is a division of Academic Affairs, charged with leading efforts towards achieving the third goal of the University of South Alabama’s strategic plan – Global Engagement. Global USA encompasses all international and continuing education offices on the University of South Alabama’s main campus and our two satellite campuses, Baldwin County Fairhope Campus and the Gulf Coast Campus.

For International Students:

  • Immigration compliance
  • Admissions
  • Student recruitment
  • Support Services
  • Special Events
  • English Language Center

For International Outreach:

  • Visiting Scholars
  • Study Abroad
  • Student exchange
  • International Partnerships
  • International Summer camps

For Domestic Outreach:

  • Training programs
  • Certificate programs
  • Camps
  • Conferences
  • Adult Education
  • Lecture series 

Global Outreach and International Student Services

Global Outreach and
International Student Services
Director Ms. Hannah Murphy
Coordinator, International Student Services Ms. Lauren Metheny

The Office of Global Outreach and International Student Services provides services to international students at the University of South Alabama in the following areas.

  • International Student Recruitment
  • International Student Orientation
  • International Support Services
  • International Programming and Activities
  • Special International Events

Office of Immigration and International Admissions

Office of Immigration and International Admissions 251-460-6050
Director Ms. Regina George
Associate Director Ms. Heather Nix
Immigration Coordinator Ms. Kristi Clayton
Immigration Coordinator Mr. Maurice Chavarry, Sr.
Admissions Officer Ms. Sara Herter
Academic Records Specialist Ms. LaSonya Toney
Secretary Ms. Reese Olewnik

The Office of Immigration and International Admission at the University of South Alabama is responsible for the processing of applications for admission submitted by non-citizens and immigration compliance for those students and foreign national scholars, faculty, and staff associated with the University. The University of South Alabama does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion or national origin. These provisions also apply to disabled individuals pursuant to current federal and state regulations subject to reasonable standards of admission and employment.

Immigration Compliance

The Office of Immigration and International Admissions is also responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures associated with US immigration compliance functions for foreign nationals associated with current and potential faculty/staff employment, J exchange scholars (including postdoctoral trainees, degree and non-degree students, professors and research scholars), academic/co-curricular exchange program participants and international guests.


The Office of Immigration and International Admission processes all non-citizen applications for admission to undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of South Alabama. Inquiries about admission for non-citizens should be addressed to the Office of Immigration and International Admission, 390 Alumni Circle, Meisler Hall, Suite 2200, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002, or e-mail at For specific International Admissions policies and procedure, please visit the International Admissions page.

Office of International Education

Office of International Education (251) 460-7053
Director of International Education Ms. Holly Hudson
Assistant Director of International Programs Ms. Bri Ard
International Programs Assistant Ms. Elizabeth Calhoun
International Education Programs (IEP) Advisor Ms. Jessica Lisenba

The Office of International Education provides to the University community information and support on international initiatives and is responsible for Education Abroad, student exchange and international partnerships as well as providing assistance with visiting international delegations, reviewing and approving university related travel abroad for students, faculty, and staff.  OIE is actively involved in facilitating international academic exchange programs and additional international agreements for the University.  

The Office of International Education is available for collaboration with local governmental, business and community organizations that foster international cooperation, exchange and understanding. All existing or proposed international programs, exchanges, contracts and grants are reviewed and registered with the Office of International Education. The director chairs the University Council on International Education and Scholarship (USACIES), whose members are appointed by the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and charged with disseminating information, developing as well as guiding policy and planning for USA in the international arena.

Study Abroad

The Office of International Education administers all USA Education Abroad Programs and international cooperation agreements/contracts. In addition, the Director of International Education works in collaboration with University deans, division heads and directors responsible for curriculum and faculty development.

All USA students who plan to participate in a study, research, internship or work abroad opportunity must contact the Office of International Education for information on program advising and approval procedures.

English Language Center

The English Language Center Alpha Hall East 224
(251) 460-7185
Director Ms. Chiméne Gecewicz, M.A.
Student Services Coordinator Ms. Justine Burbank
Secretary Ms. Polly Garner

The English Language Center (ELC) provides intensive English instruction to individuals whose native language is not English. 

The ELC offers both credit bearing and non-credit classes.

ESL 015 and ESL 016 are offered during the fall and spring semesters. Enrollment in these courses is limited to University students. Placement in ESL 015 and 016 is based on English proficiency. Students may be placed in ESL 015 or 016 based on IELTS/TOEFL sub scores. All required ESL courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher BEFORE the student may register for EH 101 or 102. ESL courses WILL NOT be substituted for EH 101 or 102 requirements. Credits earned in the English Language Center will not be accepted toward degree requirements within the University. However, ESL course may be counted as part of the 12-hour course load required of F-1 students and may be taken as electives by students wishing to improve their proficiency in English.

The ELC also offers five levels of non-credit classes to students who are not enrolled in a degree seeking program. These classes are in the areas of composition, grammar, oral skills and reading. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the program receive a certificate of completion.

The English Language Center ESL professionals:
Lead Composition Teacher Mr. Mark Basque, M.A.
Lead Grammar Teacher Ms. Sylvia Koestner, M.A.
Lead Oral Skills and Reading Teacher Ms. Sandra Wingate, M.A.

Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services

Center for Continuing Education & Conference Services  Alpha Hall East 230
(251) 460-7200
Director Marcy Matherne
Accountant Patricia Miles
Continuing Education Specialist Kelly Anderson
Continuing Education Specialist Joy Aull
Continuing Education Specialist Donna Tarasavage
Department Secretary Alma Platt
Registration Clerk Lisa Simon

The Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services (CCE) provides noncredit educational experiences that meet the needs of individuals and organizations in local, regional, and selected national markets by offering professional and career development through noncredit programs, camps and conferences, cultural offerings, and lecture series. CCE drives economic development by providing training solutions to serve the needs of business and industry in addition to enriching the lives of individuals who seek to challenge and stimulate their minds. Non-credit course offerings include: conversational languages, supervision and management, computer literacy and application, art, music, literature, communication, and leisure activities. CCE administers the awarding of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) which are awarded to individuals attending non-credit courses, workshops, or conferences. CCE works with customers to certify continuing education, providing transcripts for non-credit courses, conferences, institutes and workshops.

Professional Development Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences

CCE offers programs emphasizing education for the working professional in form of seminars, workshops, conferences, and training modules. University faculty, along with field experts, actively participate in the development and instruction of these programs. CCE staff members focus on meeting the needs of our regional community partners by assisting them in building human capital.

Certificate programs are also offered for individuals seeking career development in areas such as paralegal, non-profit management, legal nurse consultant, medical coding, and photography.

Safety and Emergency Response Training

The safety and emergency response training serves industry, government and other agencies with state-of-the-art instruction in the handling of hazardous materials and emergency spills, technical rescue and incident command. Much of the training is mandated by federal and state laws and the program follows the guidelines set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation, among others. In working directly with industry and other emergency response groups, training is offered on both an open-enrollment and contract basis that can be tailored to a client's site-specific needs.

Special Courses

Special Courses are non-credit, short courses designed with the concept of lifelong learning in mind. Personal enrichment, career development, and general educational enhancement for community members are offered on a semester basis. Topics include arts, health and fitness, language and photography, among others.

Odyssey USA

Odyssey USA is the University’s Institute for Learning in Retirement. Housed in the Center for Continuing Education, it is a self- managed study program for mature learners. An Executive Board of elected members provides leadership for issues relating to curriculum development and operation.

Summer Camps, Youth Programs and Special Events

The USA Camps Program is part of the Center for Continuing Education. This program provides administrative oversight of University Sanctioned and Externally Sponsored camps and youth programs. For University Sanctioned Camps, the Center handles the camp approval process, serves as a resource for camp administration, and processes camp registrations and fee payments. For Externally Sponsored camps and youth programs, coordinates arrangements for University facilities and services.

Youth of varying ages are offered quality educational opportunities. Students may prepare for the ACT exam in review classes for Math, Science, Reading, and English. During summer session, academic and extra-curricular camps are open to students. These camps include arts, athletics and various academic focus areas.

CCE provides conference management and facilitation services to client organizations for delivery at the venue of choice. Various levels of planning, marketing, registration, onsite facilitation, financial processing, and post-conference certification are available. Conference proposals are developed specifically to meet client needs.

Other Opportunities

The Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services facility has a computer laboratory for workshops and short courses sponsored by the University. It is also available, on a rental basis, to organizations conducting their own training. 

USA Baldwin County Campus

University of South Alabama Baldwin Campus 10 North Summit
Fairhope, Alabama 36532
(251) 928-8133
Director Dr. Cynthia L. Wilson
Business Operations Kim Martin
Criminal Justice faculty Michael Hollingsworth
Computer Support Deneane O'Cain
Security Ralph McDonald
Secretary Julie Hamner
Custodial Rhoda Jetson,
Brenda Gordon
Maintenance Dirk Bayer

The University of South Alabama Baldwin County (USABC) was established as a campus of the University in August, 1984, to offer higher education in one of the fastest growing and most diverse counties in Alabama. USABC offers upper-level (junior and senior) undergraduate courses, graduate courses, and non-credit programs. The campus is in downtown Fairhope. The administration building is located at 10 North Summit Street and the classroom complex is at the corner of Summit Street and St. James Place; and the College of Nursing building at 161 N. Summit Street.

Academic offerings include courses leading to Bachelor's degrees in the Interdisciplinary Studies, Communication-Digital Communication Track, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Emergency Medical Services and Nursing Accelerated BSN Track. Courses in business, education, and liberal arts are offered each semester which can be used as credit in a variety of degree programs. Faculty who teach these courses are hired by the University's academic divisions.

Computer services are provided for students and faculty. Classrooms have internet access and audio-visual equipment. The administration building contains a computer laboratory and computers are available in the building's lobby for use during business and class hours. An additional computer lab is located at the Classroom Complex.

Credit courses are offered during the day and the evening in Fairhope. Most evening courses meet once per week and day time courses meet in a variety of formats. USABC students are eligible for on-line courses scheduled by the academic departments. Check the USABC web site for the complete schedule of courses for each semester.

Printed materials for admission, academic programs, financial aid and student services are available in the administration building. Academic advising is available, by appointment, on the campus.

USABC supports the University's mission of public service by working cooperatively with community organizations. The Fairhope Film Festival is co-sponsored by USABC and is held in the USABC Performance Center, USABC co-sponsors Leadership Baldwin County which is open to adults in the county. Special events are held on the USABC campus throughout the year.

USA Gulf Coast Campus

USA Gulf Coast Campus 19470 Oak Road West, Bldg D
Gulf Shores, AL  36542
(251) 968-9860
Coordinator Dr. Jenny Manders

USA Gulf Coast Campus (USAGC) is located in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama and has been a part of USA since November, 2014. It is a 2,910 square foot facility with 6 classrooms and 2 bathrooms housed in the City’s Cultural Center. There is also access to an onsite 500 seat auditorium and an onsite gymnasium and kitchen.

This unique location lends itself to classes as well as lectures, such as the Distinguished Lecture Series, concerts and special events. Summer internships with local businesses and their associated classes are being planned for this location, as well as possible international camps.

USAGC is strategically placed for the University of South Alabama to be a strong presence in continuing education and training, supporting community and the industry of South Baldwin County.