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Health Pre-Professional Programs

The Health Pre-professional Program at the University of South Alabama offers several services to students interested in a variety of health careers, including dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and physician assistant. Services include clinical observations course, workshops, admission test and interview preparation, as well as the critical one-on-one advising. The health pre-professions advisor will assist students in keeping up with deadlines and admission requirements. Students planning to follow pre-professional programs listed above should see the Director of Health Pre-Professional Program, Dr. Cindy Stanfield, Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Requirements for health professional schools vary not only between disciplines but also between schools within a discipline. Students need to be aware of the specific requirements, which include specific course work and admissions tests, letters of evaluation, and timely completion of the application. For many schools, a composite evaluation from the Director of Health Pre-Professional Program is required. Pre-professional students need to start the application process for most professional schools in the junior year, including completion of the admissions exam.

The Health Pre-Professional Advisor works directly with pre-professional students throughout their undergraduate studies, guiding each student toward completing all required course work for the professional schools and completing a successful application for professional school. An advisor within the department in which the student wishes to major will also guide the student in meeting requirements for graduation with a degree within that major.

The courses listed below are generally required for all health professional schools. However, the students should discuss specific requirements with the Health Pre-Professional Advisor.

One Year of General Chemistry with Lab:
CH 131, 131L, 132, and 132L

One Year Organic Chemistry with Lab:
CH 201, 201L, 202, and 202L

One Year General Biology with Lab:
BLY 121, 121L, 122, and 122L

One Year Algebra-based Physics with Lab (Calculus-based physics is acceptable):
PH 114, 114L, 115, and 115L

One Year Mathematics:
Calculus (MA 125) is recommended; some schools require calculus
Statistics (ST 210) is required by some schools

One Year Humanities:
Several courses meet requirements

One Year English Composition:
EH 101, EH 102

Program in Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine, and Pre-Optometry

This program is designed to prepare students for the rigorous demands of dental, medical, and optometry schools. The program is demanding and requires high scholastic competence and performance. Students must maintain a better than "B" record to be competitive when applying to professional schools.

Most dental, medical and optometry schools require that a bachelor degree be earned for admission. However, a few schools may accept outstanding students prior to graduation.

Students should complete the appropriate admissions test (DAT – dental, MCAT – medicine, and OAT – optometry) by the end of their junior year (or at least one year before expected matriculation into the professional school). Students should complete the application process for admission to the professional schools about a year in advance of the expected date of matriculation (usually the summer between the junior and senior year).

The pre-optometry student should write for an official bulletin from the professional schools of interest during the freshman year and discuss with the Health Pre-Professional Advisor any special requirements for those schools. For information on requirements for admissions to the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, visit the web site at

Program for Pre-Pharmacy

Requirements for admission to pharmacy school vary considerably between schools, with schools requiring anywhere from two years of prerequisite course work to having completed a bachelor degree. Although a bachelor degree is not required by most pharmacy schools, students should select a program of courses that not only include pre-pharmacy requirements, but also work toward a degree. Most pharmacy schools require the PCAT (pharmacy college admission test). Complete information about professional curricula in pharmacy may be obtained by writing for an official bulletin from professional schools of choice.

To matriculate in pharmacy school the student must be accepted for admission by the Admissions Committee of the School of Pharmacy. The student should apply for admission to the pharmacy schools of choice approximately one year in advance of the date the student plans to enter pharmacy school. Specific requirements for several pharmacy schools are available in the office of the Pre-Professional Advisor.

The Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy at the University of South Alabama requires a minimum of three years of coursework, which includes several upper division courses in Biology and/or Biomedical Sciences. Specific requirements can be found at the Auburn University web site or at the University of South Alabama web site

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Requirements for veterinary schools vary considerably between schools, with some schools requiring three years of coursework and others requiring a bachelor degree. Most veterinary schools require the GRE. Students interested in the pre-veterinary medicine program at the University of South Alabama should see the Director of the Health Pre-Professions Program.

Pre-Physician Assistant

Students wishing to enter a physician assistant program will be required to take many of the same courses as other health pre-professional students, although specific courses vary between programs. The admission test for most physician assistant programs is the GRE; some schools accept the MCAT. For information about the Physician Assistant program at the University of South Alabama, go to Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health section of this Bulletin or visit the web site at

Contact Information

Director, Health Pre-Professional Program
Dr. Cindy Stanfield
HAHN 4004
(251) 445-9280
Health Pre-Professional Web Site: