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Health Pre-Professional Program

The Health Pre-professional Program at the University of South Alabama offers valuable resources to students interested in a variety of graduate professional health programs including dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy studies, veterinary medicine and physician assistant studies. One-on-one advising, workshops, admission and test preparation and a clinical observations course are among the services provided for students. Pre-Health students in their first two academic years will work with Patty Davis, Associate Director of the First Year Advising Center. Students will be advised on appropriate courses and non-academic development for specific graduate health programs. Ms. Davis will work with students to develop a manageable plan for their path to a professional graduate program in the health sciences. Ms. Davis is located in the First Year Advising Center, Academic Services Building, ASB 1375.

After completion of organic chemistry I, students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher will transition to Dr. Cindy Stanfield, Director of the Health Pre-Professional Program. Dr. Stanfield will provide continued advising, information about remaining course requirements, as well as, assisting students in the application and admission testing process.  Dr. Stanfield is located in the Health Sciences Building, HAHN 4004. 

Requirements for health professional schools vary not only between disciplines but also between schools within a discipline. Students need to be aware of the specific requirements, which include specific course work, admissions tests, letters of evaluation, and timely completion of the application. For many schools, a committee evaluation from the Pre-health Evaluation Committee is required. Pre-health students need to start the application process for most professional schools in the junior year, including completion of the admissions exam.

Pre-health advisors work directly with pre-health students guiding them toward completing all required course work for the professional school as well as a successful application. Pre-health advising is provided as a supplement to academic advising. Therefore, all pre-health students have an advisor within the department of the student’s major, to guide the student in meeting requirements for graduation with a degree within that major.

The courses listed below are generally required for all health professional schools. However, the students should discuss specific requirements with the Health Pre-Professional Advisors.

One Year of General Chemistry with Lab:
CH 131, 131L, 132, and 132L

One Year of Organic Chemistry with Lab:
CH 201, 201L, 202, and 202L

One Year of Biochemistry:
BLY/CH 440/441 or MBD 321/322

One Year General Biology with Lab:
BLY 121, 121L, 122, and 122L

One Year Algebra-based Physics with Lab (Calculus-based physics is acceptable):
PH 114, 114L, 115, and 115L

One Year Mathematics:
Calculus (MA 125) is recommended; some schools require calculus
Statistics (ST 210) is required by some schools

One Year Humanities:
Several courses meet requirements

One Year English Composition:
EH 101, EH 102

For additional information on pre-health programs please visit the Pre-Health website.

Contact Information

Dr. Cindy Stanfield
Director, Health Pre-Professional Program
HAHN 4004
(251) 445-9280

Patty Davis
Coordinator, Health Pre-Professional Program
Associate Director, First Year Advising Center
ASB 1375
(251) 341-4017

Health Pre-Professional Web Site:

Major Milestones 

This plan applies to all students with a "PMD" attribute.

Students can pursue any undergraduate major at the University of South Alabama and still complete pre-med requirements.

Pre-Medicine Sample 4-Year Plan with Milestones

Term 1 Course Description Pre-req Cr Hrs Milestone Notes
CAS 100 First Yr Exp-College Success   2  MA 112
EH 101 or
EH 105 H*
English Composition I   3  
MA 115• Precal Algebra-Trigonometry ACT Math 25  4  
CH 131/131L General Chemistry I ACT Math 24 4  
BLY 121/121L General Biology I ACT Math 24 4  
Term 2 Course Description Pre-req Cr Hrs Milestone Notes
EH 102 or
EH 105H*
English Composition II EH 101 or test score 3 EH 101 or EH 105H*
CH 132/132L General Chemistry II CH 131/CH 131L 4 CH 131 and lab with a grade of C or better
BLY 122/122L      General Biology II BLY 121/BLY 121L 4 MA 113 or MA 115 with a grade of C or better
CA 110 Public Speaking   3 Must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 
SY 109** Introductory Sociology   3  
Term 3 Course Description Pre-req Cr Hrs Milestone Notes
CH 201/201L Organic Chemistry I CH 132/CH 132L 4 CH 132 and lab with a grade of C or better
PH 114 or
PH 201 & Labs
Physics I ACT Math 21 for PH 114; MA 125 for PH 201 5 for PH 114; 4 for PH 201 BLY 121 and lab with a grade of C or better
PSY 120** Introduction to Psychology    3  
History (US or West. Civ.)     3  
Term 4 Course Description Pre-req Cr Hrs Milestone Notes
CH 202/202L Organic Chemistry II CH 201/201L 4 CH 201 and lab with a grade of C or better
PH 115 or
PH 202 & Labs
Physic II PH 114 for PH 115; PH 201 & MA 126 for PH 202 5 for PH 115; 4 for PH 202 BLY 121 and lab with a grade of C or better
ST 210 Stat Reason & Application   3 Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0
English Literature   EH 102 or EH 105H 3  
Term 5 Course Description Pre-req Cr Hrs Milestone Notes
BLY 440, CH 440 or BMD 321** Biochemistry I CH 202 for BLY 440 & CH 440; CH 201 for BMD 321 3 CH 202 and lab
Major Course****     3  
Humanities Elective***     3  
Social/Behavioral Elective***     3  
Elective or minor course     3  
Term 6 Course Description Pre-req Cr Hrs Milestone Notes
BLY 302 OR BMD 350** Genetics BLY 122 & CH 131 3 Take MCAT at end of semester or early summer
CH 441, BLY 441 or BMD 322** Biochemistry II CH 440; BLY 440 or BMD 321 3 Begin admissions process at beginning of summer
Fine Arts Elective     3  
Major****     3  
Major****     3  
Term 7 Course Description Pre-req Cr Hrs Milestone Notes
Humanities Elective     3  
Completion of Major and Minor Courses required for the degree****     12  
Term 8 Course Description Pre-req Cr Hrs Milestone Notes
Completion of Major and Minor Courses required for the degree****     15  

All bolded courses meet general education requirements
• Students with ACT Math scores 22-23 should take CH 100 and MA 112 in the first semester. MA 112 and MA 113 satisfy the MA 115 requirement. MA 125 also satisfies the math requirement.   Students with ACT Math scores 21 and below should begin math courses in the summer before Fall - Year 1. 
  * Students who earn an English ACT score of 27, or a written SAT score of 550, can opt out of EH 101.
 ** Courses not required for medical school admission but highly recommended for MCAT prep.  Recommended that all pre-medical students take 3 social science courses.
*** Must have one history elective and one literature elective.  In addition, students must choose a second history or literature to complete a two-part sequence.   The literature sequence is recommended for all Pre-Health students.
▪ Two designated writing (W) courses are required with at least one course chosen from offerings in the student's major or minor. Courses carrying this required credit are identified in the University Bulletin by a (W) after the course title.  
▪ The Sample 4-year plan is designed as a guide for students preparing for their course selections.  This information provides only a suggested schedule.  Actual course selections should be made in consultation with an advisor.