Political Science and Criminal Justice

U.S. Capitol Building at Night

Photo Credit: Architect of the Capitol

Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice at the University of South Alabama. We appreciate your interest and hope you find our website useful. The Department is home to four major academic programs: Political Science, Criminal Justice, International Studies, and the graduate program in Public Administration. These programs are designed to help students attain a liberal education, to encourage and prepare students to participate actively in public affairs, to train students to enter graduate and professional schools, and to help students advance toward a variety of professional careers in law, government service, business, criminal justice, foreign affairs, and the like. For detailed information about these programs follow the links provided in the menu to the left.

The Department is also home to the USA Polling Group This nationally recognized service center provides a wide array of research services to faculty, students, and administrators within the University and to clients throughout the broader community. It also provides interesting and enlightening part-time job opportunities for students.

If you feel the need to contact us directly, please call (251) 460-7161, or e-mail the Chair of the Department, Dr. Nader Entessar, at nentessar@southalabama.edu for information and assistance.