The following courses, or an approved substitute, must be completed with a grade of C or better, in addition to general studies requirements and specific requirements of the major department, to graduate with University Honors. Transfer students may petition to receive credit for honors courses taken elsewhere. High School AP and IB credits may not substitute for Honors required courses.

STUDENTS: Please read the following carefully as you discuss your registration with your academic adviser.
The university requires EVERY student to take certain courses as part of the general core. These include an art/drama/music from a limited approved list. The university also requires a history course and a literature course from a limited approved list. It further requires that  another either history or literature be taken to form an approved sequence. Your adviser should know this and understand this. It might be a good idea to print this email and bring it to your adviser to leave a copy in your file with your Honors checksheet.
What causes confusion?
1) From time to time we offer some of these approved courses such as HY 135, HY 136, EH 216, ARH 123, DRA 110. When we offer them YES they do satisfy the university requirement and you should take them since they meet not only the university core requirement but gives you H credit hours towards your lower level electives. In fact it makes no sense to take a regular version of those courses when the H credit version is offered. Also remember you take it in the limited enrollment with a maximum of 15 students.
2) We often offer upper level seminars in EH, HY, music, art, as 490 special topics courses. The topics vary and sometimes are interdisciplinary and are meant to be more advanced views of topics of interest. They are also meant to bring you back together as a learning community in your so/jr/sr years. THESE COURSES DO NOT AND ARE NEVER INTENDED TO SATISFY THE UNIVERSITY GENERAL CORE REQUIRED COURSES AT THE LOWER LEVELS ON THE LIMITED LISTS MENTIONED ABOVE. These upper seminars are electives in that area that can be applied to your open electives in that area for your major but cannot be used instead of one of the specific listed courses such as HY 135, HY 136, EH 216, ARH 123 etc...
Even though we are offering an EH 490 and a MUT 490 and in the recent past have offered an ARH 490 and HY 490 they are electives in that area. HY 490 is a social science course and can be used anywhere a social science elective can be used in your curriculum but not in place of HY 135/136. EH 490 is a FA/HUM elective and can be used anywhere any FA/HUM elective can be used in your curriculum but not in place of EH 215/216/225/226/235/236. ARH 490 is a FA/HUM elective also but does not satisfy the art/drama/music requirement. We are looking into having this allowed but it is not being agreed to and there is no indication it will happen anytime soon. This is why I tell you numerous times when planning your future schedules you MUST leave room for these upper seminars as electives in those areas and NOT to take ALL your FA/HUM or social science electives as freshmen or sophomores. If you do there will be no room for them later and you will be taking them as EXTRA courses needlessly.




Please use this checksheet to track your progress. (Download HERE).



Required courses (9 cr hrs)

HON 101 (1cr hr)                       date taken __________ (MUST be 1st semester enrolled)
HON 201 (1cr hr)                       date taken __________ (Must be 3rd or 4th semester enrolled)
HON 301 (1cr hr)                       date taken __________ (Must be 5th or 6th semester enrolled)
Dept 499 (3cr hrs)                     date taken __________ (Prereq: Passing HON 301)
Dept 499 (3cr hrs)                     date taken __________ (Prereq: Satisfactory progress)

*NOTE Dept 499: Both courses should be taken in the major department and might count towards the degree. Please consult your academic advisor for specific degree requirements. One course should be taken the first semester of the senior (final) year and the second one should be taken in the semester when the thesis will be defended and the degree awarded. A defense of the thesis should be scheduled at an appropriate time in the second semester of the senior year and allow sufficient time for final thesis revisions, formatting and submission. This must occur at least 12 days before grades are due and before the start of exams. If the thesis is not defended in the second 499 course, the option of an I or X grade can be given and a defense scheduled as soon as possible. No Honors designation will be awarded until all thesis work associated with both 499 courses in the major department is completed. All senior theses are presented at a senior showcase the day before graduation. Each senior MUST prepare a poster and attend this even to receive their hood.

Lower Honors Electives (9 cr hrs) One MUST be taken in the spring semester.
_______________                           date taken __________
_______________                           date taken __________
_______________                           date taken __________
_______________                           date taken __________
_______________                           date taken __________
_______________                           date taken __________

*NOTE Courses vary and are not limited but have included: EH 105H, CA110H, HY135H, HY136H, PSY121H, ST210H, CIS 250H, EH215H, EH 216H, EH 225H, SY 109H. MA 125H, MA 126H and numerous science lecture/labs.

Upper Level Honors Seminars (6 cr hrs)
_______________                          date taken __________
_______________                          date taken __________

*NOTE Offered based on student and faculty interest and varies each semester. Cannot be contracted. MUST be an approved 390 or 490 special topics course. Please consult Honors Director for more information.