MCOB Vision & Mission

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"Mission: Possibility."

Vision Statement

To be the business school of choice in the Gulf Coast Region.

Mission Statement

To contribute to the continuing intellectual, social and economic development of the Gulf Coast Region by offering accredited business education programs to qualified students, producing scholarly research to expand knowledge and support economic development and providing service programs focused on regional needs. We accomplish this mission and contribute to the continuing success of the University through quality instruction, faculty scholarship, and the delivery of external service program.


I. Instruction:

The academic success of our students is a major priority of the college with emphasis on excellent teaching.

II. Faculty Scholarship:

Of equal importance to instruction is the production of applied research, pedagogical research, and basic research for the purpose of expanding knowledge, enhancing instruction, and contributing to regional economic development. The increased focus on research reflects the growth and development of graduate programs across the University, including the addition of a DBA program in the Mitchell College of Business. The increased focus on research is also reflected in the faculty classification definitions and in the importance of research as a factor in merit, promotion, and tenure decisions.

III. Service:

The College engages in external service activities that support and contribute to the development of the University, the Gulf Coast region and to provide for the continuing development of the faculty and staff through interaction with the College’s numerous constituents.