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The University of South Alabama currently holds articulation agreements with community colleges in Alabama, northwest Florida, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Colleges in Mississippi. Transfer assistance guides for students attending institutions in these areas who plan to transfer to the University of South Alabama to study in Interdisciplinary Studies are listed below. Additional information about transfer articulation agreements, as well as transfer guides for majors other than Interdisciplinary Studies can be found on the Admissions Transfer Assistance page

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies has also collaborated individually with Alabama Southern Community College in Monroeville to offer transfer agreements for students in specific areas of study. Click the links in the left menu for additional information about these programs.

Transfer Assistance Guides for Interdisciplinary Studies:

Alabama: Alabama Community College Transfer Guide and Area V Courses
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Transfer Guide
Pensacola State College (currently under review)
Northwest Florida State College (currently under review)

Alabama Southern Community College Collaborative Academic Agreement

Through a collaboration between Alabama Southern Community College (ASCC) and the University of South Alabama (USA), students receving an Associate in Science degree from ASCC can complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at USA, with a concentration in Administrative Sciences.


USA courses will be available in a variety of formats and locations, including on the ASCC Monroeville campus, on the USA campus, and through online or blended online/face-to-face courses.



Business Environment
Health Sciences
Data Processing Technology
Interdisciplinary Studies

All students complete the requirements for the discipline of Interdisciplinary Studies and select two additional disciplines based on their individual professional goals and interests.


Option A:         Business Environment, Data Processing Technology, Interdisciplinary Studies
Option B:         Business Environment, Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies
Option C:         Health Sciences, Data Processing Technology, Interdisciplinary Studies


An outline of a model curriculum for each option is available Here.


The Capstone Experience

Students complete their programs of study through engaging in a two-semester Capstone Experience designed to integrate their academic studies with their career goals and facilitate the transition from student to professional.  Students have the opportunity to  complete either  an internship or senior research thesis.

Internship I and II


Students who wish to participate in  an internship to gain work experience in their fields of professional interest complete a two-semester internship sequence.  In Internship I, students engage in 120 hours of supervised on-site work experience at an approved business, agency, or organization, in addition to completing academic readings and assignments.  In Internship II, students engage in study, research, and writing designed to facilitate their transition from student to professional.


Senior Research Thesis


Students who wish to engage in undergraduate research complete a two-semester research sequence. A research proposal is developed and the project is completed under the supervision of  a USA faculty member with expertise in the area of study. The Senior Research Thesis is designed to allow students to develop additional skills in critical thinking, writing, and research and is particilarly suitable for those considering graduate study.


What types of careers do Interdisciplinary Studies majors enter?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, jobs typically available to Interdisciplinary Studies majors will grow faster than average in the coming years, and average salaries are highly competitive with those earned by professionals with more traditional degrees. 

Career options are broad and dependent on the choice of disciplines of study. A few examples of the many career possibilities include:


Option A: Business Environment, Data Processing Technology, Interdisciplinary Studies may prepare a student for employment in the business environment, including roles involving office management, maintaining personnel or financial records, web design, and computer networking or programming.
A student selecting Option B: Business Environment, Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies  may pursue a career as an office manager or case worker in a health care setting, director of a health care agency, bookkeeper in a medical practice, or in marketing/public relations. 


Option C: Health Sciences, Data Processing Technology, Interdisciplinary Studies would allow a student to develop a career in the rapidly expanding field of health informatics, specializing in the storage, retrieval, and sharing of medical records within and between medical offices or agencies, a case worker in a health care setting, or as an outreach worker.


For more information contact:
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