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At the University of South Alabama academic advising is about you. While enrolled at South, you and your advisor will work together to develop your academic plan. To ensure that your personal and academic needs are met, be sure to share with your advisor your values, goals and career objectives. Your advisor is also knowledgeable about many aspects of university life and can provide you information and advice on utilizing the opportunities available on campus.

The First Year Advising Center website is designed to help you make the most of your academic advising experience at South Alabama and to assist you in preparing for your advising appointment with your assigned advisor in the FYAC. Throughout this site, you will find helpful resources and tips, contact information for academic departments or Colleges, ways to prepare for your advising appointment, and what to do following your advising appointment. 

▼   Advising Policy
The University of South Alabama recognizes academic advising to be a critical component of the educational experience and your success. Faculty, administrators, and professional staff promote academic advising as a shared responsibility. Academic advising serves to develop and enrich your educational plans in ways that are consistent with your personal values, goals, and career plans, preparing you for a life of learning in a global society.
▼   Who is my advisor?

You begin your relationship with your first year advisor during orientation. You are required to meet at least once, and should meet twice with your advisor during the fall semester. In some cases, follow-up meetings may be required. You will also meet at least once during the spring semester, as well, and continue to meet at least once each semester until you have have successfully earned 30 credit hours.
All first year students meet with an advisor in the FYAC with the following exceptions:

- Social Work majors will meet with Dr. Nancy Howell in the College of Arts & Sciences.
- Music and Drama majors will meet with their respective departments.
- Majors in the College of Allied Health will meet with an advisor in that college.

When you reach 30 earned credited hours, many of you will transition to an academic advisor in your major College/School. There are some exceptions:
- If you are exploring majors, you will be advised by an advisor in the FYAC until major declaration.
- If you are a Biology major in the College of Arts & Sciences, you will remain with your FY advisor until you earn 45 hours.
- If you are an Engineering major, you will remain with your FYAC advisor until you enroll in Math 126.
- After 30 hours, Pre-Business majors will remain in the FYAC until acceptance into the Business major.
- After 30 hours, Pre-Nursing majors with less than a 2.75 cumulative GPA will remain with their FYAC advisor.


▼   How to Schedule Your Advising Appointment


To make an advising appointment with your assigned academic advisor in the FYAC, please click on SSC Campus and select a date and time. In addition, you can find the SSC Campus link in your PAWS account. You may also call (251) 341-4017 or stop by our office at 1375 Student Academic Services building.

If you are a new student, you will need to attend Southbound Orientation. Click on the New Student Tab for pre-advising information. If you would like to meet with an advisor prior to orientation as a prospective student, we would be happy to schedule an appointment. Please call our office at (251) 341-4017.

Cancellation Policy: Please call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. This allows your fellow students to make an appointment for that day.

If you have missed your appointment, you will not be able to make a subsequent appointment online. You will need to call the office at (251) 341-4017 to schedule with someone at the front desk. If you miss two appointments back to back, you will not be allowed to schedule another one until after Time Tickets have posted for that particular semester.


Who is your assigned advisor?
You can find your assigned academic advisor in your PAWS account.  Simply login into PAWS and click on "Student Records" under the Student Services tab. You will then click on "General Student Records," and you will see your primary academic advisor listed there.

For detailed instructions on how to schedule an appointment using SSC Campus, please Click Here.


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