Heather Nix
Bryant Abbott
Recruitment Counselor
Orientation Coordinator

Phone: (251) 460-7971
Email: bryantabbott@southalabama.edu
Facebook: Bryant at South Alabama


About Me: I am a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and History! I have lived in Mobile, AL. since the day I was born, specifically residing in the small town, now city, of Semmes, AL. USA was a home for me for five years, and it helped develop me into a man of intellect, but more importantly, a man of character and stature. That is why I have decided to come back and work in this amazing environment, so that I may help others achieve their goals. I am also interested in eventually pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology here at USA.  I love that the beach is so close by, I love South, and I love the people involved with the University. Most importantly, I eagerly look forward to helping everyone any way I can. GO JAGS!

Education:   Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and History, 2013

My Favorite:

Place on Campus   No particular favorite.  Depending on my mood, I can enjoy the intramural fields, the library, or just  being outside on the grounds.

USA Tradition   Oozeball, by far!

Thing About USA   The professors, the  excitement within the USA staff, the vibrant personalities of all the students  walking around, the athletic events (home games are free for students), and the  beauty of our campus in general.

Place to Eat in Mobile   Mugshots for a nice  lunch, and for dinner, it has to be Olive Garden or another local Italian  venue.

Music   I listen to it all. I  feel that each piece of music made has its own unique message. I also enjoy  beats and rhythms, so if it has a nice sound to it, I can listen to that as  well.

Book(s)   I enjoy self-help  books, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and many more. The Five Languages of Love by author Gary Chapman is an excellent  read. Also, Love as a way of Life by  Gary Chapman is another amazing read.