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How It Began

Throughout the nation, USA alumni are making a difference every day.  JaguarsCare National Day of Service brings together hundreds of alumni, students, faculty and staff volunteers to make an impact in their local communities - all in the name of the University of South Alabama. 

While one day of service cannot meet every need in every community, bringing South Alabama alumni together to make a difference at one time can have a substantial impact on both the individuals involved in this shared experience and the greater community.  Projects will be alumni-led and reflect the diversity of alumni interests and passions. We encourage alumni chapters and groups to rally together for larger projects and individuals to participate in smaller communities and to report their individual projects.  Some projects will be big, some will be small, and together...their impact will be great. 

Since JaguarsCare began in 2014, volunteers have contributed to over 91 projects and more than 7900 community service hours. 

Coming Together

In 2017, our alumni joined forces with our students and staff to make JaguarsCare a collaborate effort and broaden our impact throughout our communities. We always say your only a student for four year, but an alum for a lifetime...what better way to connect alumni with our students, faculty and staff than through community service.  

The idea to integrate JaguarsCare with our students came about when members of our Student Government Association visited Texas A&M University for a leadership conference.  

There they learn about The Big Event. Since its introduction at Texas A&M University in 1982, The Big Event has become the largest, one-day, student-run service project in the nation. There are now more the 72 Big Events at universities across the country. 

JaguarsCare is the big deal! Through working with alumni, students faculty and staff we are excited to make a difference in our communities!