Rules & Safety


Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time!

  • Pets are allowed on the trail Please clean up after your pets. Leashes are not mandatory. However, please ensure that your pet is on his/her best behavior.
  • Littering is prohibited on the trail.
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the USA Campus, including the trail.
  • Please do not disturb any wildlife you may encounter. 


  • Be aware of alligators and snakes.
  • Consumption of plants and fungi is at your own risk. Be advised that some species of berries and fungi may be toxic. Toxic fungi cannot always be identified based on appearance alone.
  • Watch where you walk at all times as trip hazards may present themselves at any time.
  • Report any trail hazard to or to Campus Recreation at (251) 460-6065.
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