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Students & Alumni

Welcome to Jaguar Job Link powered by Purple Briefcase.  Here you will find the tools and resources you need to become career ready.  Whether you are a freshman or alumni, the new Jaguar Job Link is an important component of your career plan and job search strategy.

  • View and apply online for full-time, part-time, on-campus, internship and co-op positions
  • Create your individual profile and upload your resume for employers to view
  • Watch videos designed to assist with career preparation
  • Register for career events

New Features


Purple ScorePurpleScore™: When you log into Jaguar Job Link, the center square has an icon that looks like the figure to the left. As you complete elements within the platform your score will increase. If you are looking for clues you can always click on the center square and it will show what you have completed and suggest activities for you to complete.




ProfileMy Profile: You will be able to develop a visual profile that will showcase your work history, academic accolades, and extracurricular information. The visual profile is a new and unique way to share your info with employers, but it does not replace a traditional résumé. Your visual profile serves as a platform for employers to experience what you have to offer, and provides them with access to your résumé. My Profile can be accessed from the left navigation menu, or the lower left square on the home page. We encourage you to begin building your visual profile today.





Connections: Our new modern and intuitive platform allows you to search employers, follow them for alerts of their on-campus activity and their posted employment opportunities. Jaguar Job Link has hundreds of career preparation videos for you to watch and comment on, forums for connecting to great career advice, event postings that you can RSVP to, and most importantly: Internship, co-op and job postings!


Account Set-up for Students

  • Click the 'Students Click Here!' button below.
  • For your first time entering the site click on 'New User', complete the required fields and click 'Find Me'.
  • If your account was already loaded from our existing system, your account profile information will display and you can create a password.  
  • If the system does not find you, enter your information to create an account and password.
  • In order to maintain an account in the new Jaguar Job Link system, your status must be verified as an active, degree-seeking student.

     Students Click Here!     


Account Set-up for Alumni

  • In order to maintain an account in the new Jaguar Job Link system, your status must be verified as a graduate of the University of South Alabama.
  • If you are a graduate of the university who has initiated account activity over the 2015-2016 year to date, you will receive an invitation link to create a profile in the new system.
  • If you have not created an account previously, please contact our office at (251) 460-6197 or email


If you have questions, please call (251) 460-6188 or email