Mission Statement

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The University of South Alabama Honors Program offers a curriculum of interdisciplinary excellence designed to stimulate analytical and critical thinking of exceptionally qualified and highly motivated students. In this effort, the USA Honors Program challenges the students with scholarly creative activities, exposes them to cultural enrichment, and requires them to engage in community service. The USA Honors Program aspires to instill in students the intellectual excitement that will better prepare them for productive careers and citizenship. The Honors Program also emphasizes the intangible responsibilities of supporting one another throughout the program. Within the context and diversity of a mid-size urban university, the Honors Program provides the academic and cultural atmosphere and setting expected of a small, personal, campus community of excellence. Two Honors Program options are available at the University of South Alabama, 1) a four-year program resulting in the designation on the transcript and at graduation of "University Honors Program "; or 2) Departmental programs resulting in the designation of "Departmental Honors " on the transcript in selected majors.