Faculty Development Day

Faculty Development Day

Faculty development Day Spring 2017


Faculty Development Day is a day-long series of instructional workshops intended to help faculty learn about research-based instructional approaches that they can apply in their classes.

Thank you to all who attended the recent Development Day on January 5, 2017.  


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The following is the information regarding the workshops that were provided.

Morning Sessions


Specifications Grading: Restoring Rigor, Motivating Students, and Saving Faculty Time

Dr. Drew Lewis, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Measuring the Promise: A Valid and Reliable Syllabus Rubric

Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury, Executive Director, ILC

Imagine a class in which students ask you to give them another exam; in which students know exactly which skills they have mastered and which they need to practice; in which students walk in to your office and say “Professor, let me show you I know how to...?" instead of begging for partial credit.  This is the environment created by a grading system called Standards Based or Specifications Grading (SBSG).  Drew Lewis has used this method to vastly simplify his grading in calculus courses and to be assured that students who receive a particular letter grade are indeed mastering the concepts they will need to be successful in subsequent courses.  In this workshop, you will learn about the specifications grading method, see examples from Dr. Lewis and have a chance to rethink a grading scheme for one of your own classes. 


What does your syllabus say about your course? Whether traditional face to face, or fully online, our course syllabi send messages to students about what we consider to be important elements of success in the course. As faculty at South continue to incorporate various active learning methods in their courses (e.g. clickers, TBL, discussion etc.) are our syllabi keeping pace? This workshop will introduce participants to a syllabus rubric that was designed to help quantitatively and qualitatively assess the degree to which a syllabus achieves a learning-centered orientation.  It was developed at the University of Virginia and accounts for nuances in syllabi while also maintaining widespread relevance to courses in a diverse range of disciplines, levels, and institutions. Bring a course syllabus with you to the workshop. You will first learn about and train on the UVA rubric and then have the opportunity to apply it to a peer’s syllabus. 


Afternoon Sessions

USAonline Best Practices

 Melissa Walter,
Distance Learning Specialist, ILC
 ILC Seminar Room

Student Engagement Through VoiceThread

Dr. Sue Mattson, Course Development Manager, ILC
David Walker, Videography Specialist, ILC
ILC Classroom
Are you using USAonline to its full potential? Are you looking for ways to "spice up" your course sites? We'll explore some best practices in online education and show you how to implement those best practices using the tools available in the USAonline learning management system. From aesthetics to efficiency, you'll leave with some fresh ideas for improving your online and blended courses. Do you have trouble getting students to do assignments that prepare them to participate in class? Do you find it hard to anticipate how to best focus limited lecture time? Faculty at South are transforming class preparation for both their students and themselves using the online tool VoiceThread. Slide and video presentations are created that prompt students to make text, audio, or video comments that can begin student-instructor and student-student dialog. Not only does this prepare students to participate more meaningfully, VoiceThread also gives faculty a resource for advance preparation of more focused lectures. Come learn how you can easily make these engaging, multimedia products that now integrate seamlessly with USAonline.



Faculty Development Day Fall 2016 was a great success!  Thank you to all who attended.

Faculty Development Day 2016


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