USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101

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USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101

USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 is USA’s basic, four-part certification program that represents the minimum competencies* required for using USAonline effectively for courses and collaborative projects.  The four parts cover the following topics:

  1. Part 1: Getting Started in USAonline
  2. Part 2: Tests and Quizzes, Forums, Resources
  3. Part 3: Assignments and Lessons Builder
  4. Part 4: Gradebook and Importing Sites

Individuals can achieve USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 Certification three different ways:

  1. by successfully completing the four-part on-campus training workshops delivered by the ILC
  2. by successfully completing the four-part online training modules delivered by the ILC through USAonline
  3. by providing evidence of the required competencies without formal ILC training

Each module is designed to take about two hours. 

*The competencies for each part of USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 can be seen here.

To view and register for on-campus workshops, click here.

USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 Online

USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 is available online!  You can receive certification for all four parts through our online certification program.

To register for USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 Online, click here. You will receive an email within two business days informing you how to access the course.

Do-It-Yourself USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 Certification

To achieve certification for individual parts or all parts of USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 without attending on-campus workshops or the USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 online training modules, individuals should create a course or project site in USAonline that demonstrates the competencies required for each part.  All competencies must be completed to receive certification in each part.

Once you feel you have met the competencies for one or more parts, you can request a Certification Review here.

LMS Certification Requirements

All full-time faculty are required to be certified in all four parts of USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101. Part-time faculty who teach online or blended courses at USA are also required to be certified in all four parts. Part-time faculty members who teach only web-enhanced courses must complete at least Part 1. The University Policy for LMS Certification of Faculty Members is located on the Academic Affairs web site. 

For additional information regarding certification as well as many instructional videos and "How-To" tutorial resources related to USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101, visit the ILC Resources page