USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 Competencies

USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 Competencies

Below is a list of the competencies taught for each part of the USAonline Fundamentals/Sakai 101 Certification Program. If you can provide evidence that you have achieved all of these competencies, click here to request Do-It-Yourself certification from the ILC.


Part 1 USAonline

  • Log in to USAonline 
  • Understand the difference between Project and Course Sites
  • Review the list of tools available in USAonline
  • Create a project site
  • Add several tools to project site
  • Add Participants to project site
  • Learn about USAonline navigation tools
  • Create and publish a syllabus
  • Create a meeting
  • Review the ILC/USAonline website (Workshops & Events, Accessibility, Quality Matters, Best Practices, etc. )


USAonline Part 2

  • Create groups
  • Build a test and adjust settings in the Test and Quizzes tool
  • Duplicate test and modify settings for Extra Time tests
  • Construct forums in the Forums tool
  • Create folders and organize the Resources tool
  • Add images, documents, and web links to the Resources tool


Part 3 USAonline

  • Create an assignment using the Assignments tool
  • Submit an assignment as a Participant]
  • Create a lesson using the Lessons Builder tool
      • Create a new page
      • Add text
      • Embed content – image and YouTube video
      • Add a content link
      • Add assignment from Assignment tool
      • Add test from Tests and Quizzes tool 
      • Add forum from Forums tools
      • Add a question and send to Gradebook
      • Add a new page
  • Edit permissions and settings in Lessons Builder


Part 4 USAonline

  • Grade an assignment in Assignments tools
  • Set up Gradebook (Categories)
  • Create categories and items in Gradebook
  • Understand difference between manually added items and linked items
  • Organize Gradebook
  • Modify Gradebook and item settings
  • Link Forums to Gradebook
  • Explore the Site Statistics tool
  • Import project site to new project site
  • Discuss Master Sites and suggestions
  • Explain accessibility measures
  • Review the ILC/USAonline website (Workshops & Events, Accessibility, Quality Matters, Best Practices, etc.)