Sakai Competencies

Sakai 101 Competencies

Below is a list of the competencies taught for each part of the Sakai 101 Certification Program. If you can provide evidence that you have achieved all of these competencies, click here to request Do-It-Yourself certification from the ILC.

Sakai Part 1

  • Log in to USAonline using J# and e-mail password
  • Set Workspace preferences
  • Create a project site
  • Use Site Editor to add several tools to a project or course site, including Resources, Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, Media Gallery, Gradebook, Calendar, Mailtool, Messages, and Forums
  • Activate Gradebook
  • Create two folders in the Resources tool
  • Upload material using the Resources tool
  • Move an artifact from one folder to another in Resources
  • Describe how to view a course site as a student
  • Upload a video to Media Gallery and create a Media Collection
  • Add Syllabus to site by linking to file in resources
  • Use Site Editor to import data from a course or project site

Sakai Part 2

  • Use Site Editor to add participants to a project site
  • Create a sample assignment in the Assignments tool
  • Assign points to an assignment using the Assignments tool
  • Using the Assignments tool, assign dates to a gradable item
  • Grade an assignment
  • Create pages & subpages using the Lesson Builder tool
  • Use “Paste From Word” function in the Rich Text Editor to add content
  • Link to Assignment in the course in Lesson Builder page

Sakai Part 3

  • Create short test using assessment builder inside the Tests and Quizzes tool and assign points
  • Create a short test using markup text inside the Tests and Quizzes tool and assign points
  • Set the start, end, and retract dates for a test inside the Tests and Quizzes tool
  • Create a question pool in the Tests and Quizzes tool
  • Create a test that uses randomized questions from a test pool in the Tests and Quizzes tool
  • Set up Gradebook Categories
  • Add a manual Gradebook item

Sakai Part 4

  • Create at least two Groups with the Site Editor tool
  • Using the Forums tool, create two forums with one topic in each forum
  • Designate start and end dates for each forum in the Forums tool
  • Create two announcements with start and end dates using the Announcements tool
  • Assign one announcement to a group using the Announcements tool
  • Use the Calendar tool to create two events with start and end dates
  • Use the Calendar tool to display one event to the entire course site and one event to a group
  • Send an email to someone within your course site or project site with the Mailtool
  • Change the Site Email Address in the Email Archive tool
  • Create a meeting using the Meetings tool