Health Insurance

All F-1 international students are automatically enrolled in USA’s insurance plan upon registration. 

For students whose insurance coverage is sponsored under a Government Scholarship Letter/Financial Guarantee Letter, this documentation must be provided no later than the first day of classes along with a copy of the actual insurance card. Scholarship/Financial Guarantee supported international students are responsible for all premiums and fees billed to their accounts if such documents are not received before classes begin.

Again, this information must be RECEIVED PRIOR to the first day of classes for the enrolled semester and or subsequent terms or as requested. 

Student & Scholar Health insurance for each school year is provided by United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR). Please read all of the information provided by the Student Health Center. You can also view the benefits summary of the plan here.

J-1 Visa Holder Insurance Requirements

As a condition of your J-1 status, you and all accompanying dependents are required to have health insurance that meets the minimum requirements for the duration of your J-1 visa. Willful failure to purchase insurance will result in the termination of your J-1 status and your participation in the exchange visitor program. The Office of Immigration and International Admissions recommends purchasing the required insurance before you travel to the United States, as policies can often be less expensive in some other countries.

To meet the J-1 requirements, your health insurance policy must meet the following minimum benefits:

  • Medical benefits - $100,000 per accident or illness
  • Repatriation of remains - $25,000
  • Medical evacuation of the exchange visitor to his or her home country - $50,000
  • A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.

Depending on your health and the status of your dependent(s), you may want to consider a policy with additional coverage. You and your dependent(s) may also be subject to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

If you do not have insurance when you arrive in the United States, you will be required to purchase it as a condition of your visa. The Office of International Education will require documentation of your insurance within 3 days of your arrival. Insurance coverage must begin on the start date listed on your DS-2019.

Your student account will automatically be billed for the university's health insurance place once you enroll for courses. If you have purchased medical insurance from your home country, you will need to see Rhonda Baxter in the Student Health Center to complete an International Student Insurance Waiver Form. If your insurance waiver is approved, you must send a copy of the approval notice to Denise Robb. Failure to do so could result in a termination of your DS-2019 for failure to maintain status.

H-1B Workers

Health insurance should be a part of your benefits package associated with your position at the university. Please see your official offer letter of employment to see what benefits you are eligible for. All full-time employees of the University of South Alabama and its hospital system will receive full medical benefits. More information on the university's health insurance plans can be found on the Human Resources website.

It is recommended that you take a repatriation and medical evacuation policy out for you and your family while in the U.S.