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Undergraduate Admission

Please download this Undergraduate Admission Checklist if you are applying to an undergraduate program.

Graduate Admission
Please download this Graduate Admission Checklist if you are applying to a graduate program


Application and Forms

Application Packet: For new undergraduate and graduate international applicants and permanent residents

Financial Affidavit: New undergraduate and graduate international students and returning students whose financial documents are older than a year must submit a financial affidavit and financial documents.

Readmission Form: Undergraduate and graduate applicants who have not enrolled at the University for an academic Term (Fall or Spring) will need to apply for readmission.
Immunization and TB Form: See above for more information.

International Student Responsibilities: International students enrolled at USA are responsible for understanding the policies and procedures noted on this form.

Transfer Eligibility Form: For international (F-1) students transferring from within the United States.