Below are the governing regulations which USA is obligated to adhere.

Training Courses

▼   CITI Course 

All of the below CITI courses can be accessed from This service requires a user profile which must be affiliated with the University of South Alabama. Instructions for can be found here

Core Training for All Animal Users

CITI Animal Training Investigators, staff, and students - REQUIRED FOR ALL RESEARCHERS working with animals.

Species Specific Training

CITI Working with ____- This course varies depending on the species of animal with which one will be working. Courses are available for mice, rats, swine(pigs), gerbils, hamsters, cats, dogs, rabbits, and non-human primates. REQUIRED PER SPECIES.

Documentation Requirements
At the conclusion of the module, a completion report is provided. This report will serve as documentation for completion and must be uploaded to your IRBNet user profile, then linked by the PI to projects. 

▼   Biomethodology/Euthanex 

The below training is required in addition to the CITI training above. Each required training below will indicate the species for which it is a REQUIREMENT. 

  • Rodents (Mice, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters):
    • Rat Biomethodology CD Training - RAT ONLY
    • Mouse Biomethodology CD Training - MOUSE ONLY
    • Euthanex Training (performed by DCM) - ALL RODENTS
    • CO2 Anesthesia Training Sheet-Must sign stating it has been read and understood. ALL RODENTS 
  • Fish:
    • Guidelines for uses of fishes in research Sheet - Must sign stating it has been read and understood. FISH 

Documentation Requirements
All USA training should be documented on the IRBNet_CD_EuthanexTraining Form (PDF - Open in Adobe Acrobat - right-click and select "Save Link As") in the IRBNet Library. 

▼   Occupational Health Program 

Enrollment in the Occupational Health Program (OHP) is required. This can be accomplish by following the memo and completing the form package available on IRBNet. Once completed, documentation will be sent to our office by the appropriate staff.