The Executive Council is responsible for upholding the SGA Constitution, carrying out the policies of the SGA, and enforcing the laws of the SGA. The officers of the Executive Council are President, Vice President, and Treasurer, each with his or her respective function. The Executive Council formulates the semester budget and presents it to the Senate for approval, as well as attends to other SGA matters under their authority. The executive officers hold daily office hours and meet weekly at various times in the SGA office. As a student, you are invited to meet with your officers any time to share opinions and ideas.
  • President: Chief executive officer of the SGA and is responsible for all aspects of student governance.
  • Vice President: Serves as president of the Student Senate and is responsible for overseeing all legislative processes of student government as well as managing all SGA committees.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for managing the SGA budget and all funds allocated to student organizations.

Danielle Watson
Danielle Watson

Riley Davis, Vice President

Riley Davis


Emily Jerkins, Treasurer

Emily Jerkins