Special Committees

Internal Affairs / Support Division
Elections Committee - this committee coordinates the SGA and Homecoming elections and in this capacity, recruits candidates and enforces election regulations regarding campaigns. The committee helps to formulate election procedures and regulations, tabulates ballots, publishes results of election, and has the authority to assess and adopt new election processes.

Governmental Affairs Committee - this committee works with Higher Education Partnership and STARS Organizations.

Public Relations/Advertising Committee - this committee considers methods of advertising to promote the SGA and its committees by designing, developing, and printing posters, banners, newspaper ads, and other media.

Recruitment Committee - this committee gives incoming students their first impression of SGA, working to promote SGA at orientation, Move-In Day, and Get Acquainted Day.

Student Interests Division
Athletic Development Committee - this committee works to provide a variety of athletic opportunities for all students. This committee also works to encourage all USA students to support and promote all aspects of Jaguar athletics.

Interpresidents Council Committee - this committee functions as a forum for the presidents of all organizations to discuss issues and to seek solutions to their individual problems.

Multicultural Affairs Committee - this committee deals with the concerns and needs of all minority students on campus. 

Social Development Committee - this committee works toward the betterment of the social life of the students.

Student Services Division
Jaguars Involved In Volunteer Efforts (J.I.V.E.) - this committee streamlines and publicizes all volunteer and service opportunities both on campus and in the community not only to every organization, but also to all students. In addition, J.I.V.E. organizes campus wide community service events. J.I.V.E. provides community service opportunities to all organizations and students. It makes USA's outreach to the Mobile community more of a group effort, being a unifying force for the university.

Non-Traditional Students Committee - this committee attends to the special needs, problems, and interests of non-traditional and night students. 

University Safety and Improvements Committee - this committee works to improve the conditions of the campus through projects the committee feels are needed.