New Student Orientation

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Registered Student Organizations are welcome to participate in the Browsing Session of New Student Orientation. Reserve a spot for your organization by May 28, 2016.

Browsing Session Information

The Browsing Session is a campus fair style event and is held at the same time lunch is served to New Student Orientation participants. Student Organizations are welcome to attend and recruit members. 

Orientation  Dates: June 7th, 9th, June 14th, June 16th, June 21st, June 23rd,  July 12th, July 14th, July 19th, & July 21st

Location: Student Center 

Check In & Set Up: Check in at the Student Life Suite between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Orientation days. Organization displays should be set up and prepared to greet new students by 11:00 a.m.

What to Bring: Examples of items to use at your organization's table include, but are not limited to, tri fold display boards, posters, flyers or pamphlets, and promotional items or giveaways. 

What to Wear: An organization t-shirt and jeans or shorts would be perfect. Please keep attire school spirited and appropriate for meeting new students. 

How to Reserve a Table for Organizations: Reserve a spot here. Organizations will receive a confirmation or rejection notification within three (3) business days of submitting the reservation form. Have the following information ready when completing the reservation form: dates your organization will participate, the name of the contact person for your organization, if your organization will need access to an electrical outlet. 

Important Information 

  1. Student Organizations are allowed only two (2) absences. After the second absence, an organization will lose its reservation and will not be welcome to participate in the remaining New Student Orientation sessions. 
  2. Space is limited, so please limit the number of organization representatives to three (3) students. Additionally, display items should not take up more space than the top of a six foot display table (a.k.a. skinny folding tables). Anything larger needs approval from Student Activities staff prior to set up. 
  3. No items may be stored in the Student Center! You are responsible for the display and promotional items belonging to your organization, and the storage and maintenance of those items. 
  4. Lunch is served to incoming students ONLY. Contact Dining Services to discover the on campus dining options available to you on Orientation dates.
  5. Access to electrical outlets is available upon request. Request information is included on the reservation form.