Online Training

Sexual Assault Prevention Online Training Course

The University of South Alabama is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment where individuals are free from sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and retaliation (collectively “sexual misconduct”). The University of South Alabama is federally required to provide educational opportunities to all community members on a continual basis.

All incoming/new USA students are required to complete the online training. This is inclusive of undergraduate students, graduate students, online and distance students, students who began a new program, international students and transfer students.

Failure to comply with the training requirements may result in academic holds or transcript requests.

Our training partner is United Educators through the portal. Students will be required to take the Lasting Choices: Preventing Sexual Assault training. All other training options on the United Educators website are optional.


All Incoming/New Students (with the exclusion of medical students)

How to complete the training:

You will receive an email with all of the following information:


Username:  your jag number (with the j#00...)

Password: usatraining (you will be asked to create a new password).

Course name: Lasting Choices: Preventing Sexual Assault.

Once you have completed the module, the University will be notified and you will be taken off the list.



All Incoming/First Year Medical Students


Username: your jag number (with the j#00...)

Password: your USA password. If you password is expired, you can select "forgot password."

Course name: Preventing Workplace Harassment 

Once you have completed the module, the University will be notified and you will be taken off the list.



Additionally, if a student who is not required to take the training wishes to complete the training, they may visit  and use the institution code: 0430-UN37-0001 to create a profile and to access the training. 

At various times, the course will recommend that you refer to the college’s harassment policy. The University of South Alabama’s policy can be viewed at

If as a result of completing the training or receiving this notification, you would like to report incidents of sexual misconduct, you may contact the Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Krista Harrell at

Please direct all questions or concerns to the email address and you will be assisted promptly.

A few tips to make the training run smoothly and allow you to complete quickly:

  • The system is currently NOT compatible with Internet Explorer 11 or mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and mobile phones.
  • You will receive credit for the course after playing all the module. 
  • Anyone who completes an online course will receive a survey the following business day for feedback on the course.
  • There are several computer labs open to students including but not limited to in the Marx Library and Student Center.
  • Visit for more technology tips.
  • If you cannot use usatraining to login, click the reset password button on and a new one will sent to you. 


Sample email from EduRisk


Once you login, you will have several options of courses to choose from. Select the Sexual Assault Prevention training:

Select the Sexual Assault Module

Then select the "course" button and the "module" button. Click continue and the course will begin. 

Select course and then module