USA Baldwin County 2016 Photo Contest

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University of South Alabama Baldwin County 

Photo Contest

Rules & Regulations

                                       This contest is open to the public.


Photo content:  Photos can be of nature, wildlife, landscapes, architecture, objects, etc., but photos of people in the photo will not be allowed.  (Photo content must be appropriate to be published, and will not contain language or images that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, profane or otherwise objectionable.  USA BALDWIN COUNTY reserves the right to reject any submission.  Photo content must be “true to life,” without the use of digital image manipulation except for cropping and zoom tools. 

Photo/Registration Submission:  

  • Photographs must be submitted to the USA BALDWIN COUNTY e-mail address:  usabc@southalabama.eduEntrants will attach a .JPEG file no larger than 4 MB.
  • To register, entrants must include the following information in the e-mail with the photo attachment:   Name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Check the flyer for the appropriate deadlines.  Photos received after the deadline will not be included.  
  • Eligible photos will be placed in a photo gallery on USA BALDWIN COUNTY’s Facebook pageUniv-South Alabama At Baldwin-County, and the most “likes” on this photo gallery on Facebook wins.  In order to vote, people must ‘friend’ us on our Facebook page.  
By submitting a photo:
  • Entrants are certifying they made and own the photograph.
  • Submission of a photo/s by entrant grants the University of South Alabama Baldwin County (USA BALDWIN COUNTY) the rights to use, reproduce, publish, display, and distribute the image in whole or in part in publications, on the Web site, or any other place USA BALDWIN COUNTY deems appropriate, including a public photo gallery on Facebook, for public display and public voting. 
  • Only two photo submissions per person are allowed. Captions are not allowed.
  • Photo credit will be given to the owner when USA BALDWIN COUNTY deems appropriate.
  • By submitting a photo/s, entrants are certifying they have read, understood, and agree with all of the rules and regulations of the contest
                                                           THANK YOU!