Official USA Symbols

"The following logos and symbols of the University of South Alabama may be used on official or personal pages of USA faculty, staff and students."

Instructions for Selecting a USA Logo or Symbol

To copy a USA logo or symbol to your PC, select the appropriate link from the list below, right click on the grapic displayed and select "Save picture as" and copy to a location on your PC. Official USA Symbols may not be resized, changed in color or in any way modified without express written permission.

Jaguar Logo

Jaguar Logo, very large 300DPI
Jaguar Logo, medium
Jaguar Logo, small

University of South Alabama Logo

Red, large
Red, medium
Red, small
Red, white, blue, large
Red, white, blue, medium
Red, white, blue, small
Red, white, blue, very large 300DPI
Black, very large 300DPI
Blue, large
Blue, medium
Blue, small
Green, medium

University and College Gonfalons

USA, large
USA, small
Allied Health, large
Allied Health, small
Arts & Sciences, large
Arts & Sciences, small
School of Computing large
School of Computing, small
Continuing Education, large
Continuing Education, small
Education, large
Education, small
Engineering, large
Engineering, small
Mitchell College of Business, large
Mitchell College of Business, small
Medicine, large
Medicine, small
Nursing, large
Nursing, small

Paw Print

Blue with USA logo

Cartoon Jaguar

Red, left
Red, right
Blue, left
Blue, right


Note: Should always be used with a hyperlink of: for the Banner Web system or for the Banner Information web site.


University of South Alabama Hospitals Logo

Red, white, blue