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Campus Mass E-mail Procedures
Campus-Wide E-mail Procedures…Please Review Carefully.

University of South Alabama employees may use the campus-wide e-mail system to communicate with other employees and/or students on matters of official University business. These e-mails should be used sparingly to avoid unnecessary traffic on the e-mail system. The Office of Public Relations reviews all e-mails submitted for bulk distribution. E-mails should be sent to the bulk mail system a minimum of 2 business days before their desired distribution date. E-mails are sent only at night to reduce disruption of the e-mail system. The guidelines below must be followed carefully to ensure delivery of your message.

E-mails can be sent to the following lists by using the corresponding addresses:

Faculty & Staff Lists:

  • All faculty and staff fslist@lists.usouthal.edu
  • Faculty only faclist@lists.usouthal.edu
  • Non-medical faculty only facnotmed@lists.usouthal.edu
  • All faculty/staff except hospitals nonhosp@lists.usouthal.edu
  • All College of Allied Health alliedhealth@lists.usouthal.edu
  • Allied Health Faculty alliedfac@lists.usouthal.edu
  • All College of Medicine (COM) med@lists.usouthal.edu
  • COM faculty only medfac@lists.usouthal.edu
  • COM physicians only medphys@lists.usouthal.edu
  • COM basic scientists medsci@lists.usouthal.edu
  • Arts & Sciences faculty facas@lists.usouthal.edu
  • All hospital employees hosp@lists.usouthal.edu
  • All non-faculty except hospitals and COM
  • College of Nursing nursing@lists.usouthal.edu
  • Division of Health Sciences (Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, & Allied Health)
  • All faculty/staff except medical residents

    Student List:

  • Enrolled students stlist@lists.usouthal.edu

    To send a bulk e-mail to any of the above lists:

    1. Type in the correct address for each list you wish to e-mail.

    2. Type in a brief, meaningful subject in the subject block.

    3. Type your message in the message block EXACTLY AS YOU WANT IT TO APPEAR. Do not include personal notes such as “Please post this…”

    4. Ensure that all pertinent information (who, what, when, where, contact phone numbers, etc.) is included in your message. Send the message using the e-mail account that you want readers to reply to, or specifically denote a reply-to address.

    5. PROOFREAD YOUR MESSAGE FOR ERRORS BEFORE SENDING. Corrections/changes cannot be made in the e-mail once it is sent.

    6. You will receive a return e-mail message confirming receipt of your request.

    7. The campus-wide e-mail system CANNOT SEND ATTACHMENTS. Please include all information in the body of the e-mail, or you can include a link (URL) to a web page. The link should be in the following form: http://servername/filepathname . If you place the link at the end of a sentence, please include a space before the trailing period to prevent readers from interpreting the period as part of the link. If you need assistance with a web page, contact Web Services at (251) 460-7395.

    8. The campus-wide e-mail system is designed to use plain text formatting. Messages composed in HTML or rich text formatting will contain extraneous characters when sent. To insure proper formatting:
    • In GroupWise, with the Compose (Mail To) window open, click “View,” then select “Plain Text.”

    • In Netscape or Mozilla, look under the Composition settings and uncheck the “Compose Message in HTML” box.

    • Avoid cutting and pasting directly from a word processing application because these often contain hidden codes that can be interpreted incorrectly by some e-mail programs. These codes can often be removed by first pasting your message to Notepad (or some other text-only editing package) and then cutting from Notepad and pasting to the e-mail message block.

    If you have questions, call Public Relations at (251) 460-6211.


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