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College of Engineering
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Faculty Contact List

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Dean's Office
Dr. John W. Steadman, Dean jsteadman@southalabama.edu
Dr. James Laier, Associate Dean jlaier@southalabama.edu
Ms. Ronda Girardeau, Administrative Asst. rgirardeau@southalabama.edu
Ms. Jennifer Averitt, Financial Op. Spec. javeritt@southalabama.edu
Ms. Brenda Poole, Acad. Rec. Spec. bspoole@southalabama.edu
Ms. Kelly Jackson, Educational Outreach Specialist kellyjackson@southalabama.edu
Mr. John Lyon, Technician jlyon@southalabama.edu
Mr. Terry Pritchett, Technician tpritchett@southalabama.edu
Mr. Stan Cotton, Technician scotton@southalabama.edu
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE) Faculty
Dr. Srinivas Palanki, Chair spalanki@southalabama.edu
Toni Brown, Secretary tonibrown@southalabama.edu
Dr. T. Grant Glover glover@southalabama.edu
Dr. Silas J. Leavesley leavesley@southalabama.edu
Dr. Nicholas D. Sylvester nsylvest@southalabama.edu
Dr. Kevin N. West kevinwest@southalabama.edu
Dr. Christy W. West cwwest@southalabama.edu
Electrical Engineering Faculty
Dr. Mohammad S. Alam malam@southalabama.edu
Dr. Waleed Al-Assadi waleed@southalabama.edu
Dr. Mohamad Y. El-sharkh yel-shark@southalabama.edu
Dr. Aurangezeb Khan akhan@southalabama.edu
Dr. Martin Parker mparker@southalabama.edu
Dr. Arifur Rahman arahman@southalabama.edu
Dr. Sam Russ sruss@southalabama.edu
Dr. Adel Sakla asakla@southalabama.edu
Dr. Thomas Thomas tthomas@southalabama.edu
Loretta Wilson, Secretary lswilson@southalabama.edu
Dianna Archey, Secretary darchey@southalabama.edu
Civil Engineering Faculty
Dr. Kevin D. White, Prof & Chair kwhite@southalabama.edu
Dr. John Cleary , Asst Professor cleary@southalabama.edu
Dr. Scott L. Douglass, Professor sdouglass@southalabama.edu
Dr. Samantha Islam, Asst Professor sislam@southalabama.edu
Dr. Min-Wook Kang, Asst Professor mwkang@southalabama.edu
Dr. Husam A. Omar, Assoc Professor omarh@southalabama.edu
Dr. Eric Steward, Asst Professor esteward@southalabama.edu
Dr. Brett M. Webb, Asst Professor bwebb@southalabama.edu
Dr. Andrew J. Whelton, Asst Professor ajwhelton@southalabama.edu
Shirell Dortch, Secretary sdortch@southalabama.edu
Dr. Sally Steadman, Adjuct Instructor ssteadman@southalabama.edu

Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Mr. Garland E. Borowski, Adj Instructor gborowski@staraviation.com
Lanier S. Cauley, Ph.D., P.E., Assoc Professor lcauley@southalabama.edu
Francis "Frank" M. Donovan, Jr. Ph.D., P.E., Professor fdonovan@southalabama.edu
F. Carroll Dougherty, Ph.D., Asst Professor doughert@southalabama.edu
Ali E. Engin, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus aeengin@southalabama.edu
Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Ph.D., Assoc Professor kthsiao@southalabama.edu
Gail D. Jefferson, Ph.D., Asst Professor gjefferson@southalabama.edu
David A. Nelson, Ph.D., Professor & Chair danelson@southalabama.edu
Anh-Vu Phan, Ph.D., Professor & Graduate Coordinator vphan@southalabama.edu
Mr. David A. Roberts, Adj. Instructor droberts@fmsengineering.com
Dr. Saami Yazdani, Asst Professor syazdani@southalabama.edu
Catherine Schwartz, Secretary cschwartz@southalabama.edu

College of Engineering