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Dr. Steadman Dean of the College of Engineering

The traditional mission of a comprehensive university is to provide teaching, research and service on a regional, national, and even global scale. The edition of our newsletter highlights the activities and accomplishments of our faculty in all of these areas.

First teaching, which remains the primary mission of the University of South Alabama. Our enrollment in the College of Engineering increased again this fall, reaching more than 1,200 engineering students! The chart shows you our enrollment of undergraduate students over the past five years. Perhaps even more
indicative of our rapid growth is that the number of new freshman in engineering has grown by 80% in the past two years alone!

Second, research, which is another very important part of our mission. The past year has seen several notable new research initiatives. These include grants from the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, NASA, Evonik, Chevron and the U.S. Navy Space and Warfare System Command. Total external funding in the college of engineering doubled in the past year and is already on track to increase substantially in 2010-11.

Dr. Steadman Dean of the College of Engineering
Finally, our faculty continues to provide service to our community, especially those aspects of the Gulf Coast industry where engineering expertise can support economic development and quality of life. One recent example is the college's Environmental Stewardship Award from Partners for Environmental Progress given for our work with the Byproduct Synergies project. Details are found in an article in this newsletter. Another is the work of Drs. Scott Douglass and Bret Webb associated with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and mitigation of the impacts. Yet another is our continuing relationship wit pre-college education through engineering summer camps, Engaging Youth in Engineering (EYE), and the Davidson High School pre-engineering program, EPIC.

Your feedback and suggestions for how we direct our efforts are always welcome. Help us continue to improve engineering education at USA!

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College of Engineering