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Accounts Payable
Year End Information
Date:    August 8, 2008
To: Mr. V. Gordon Moulton               Dr. Joseph Busta, Jr.
Dr. Debra Davis
Dr. Ronald D. Franks
Dr. G. David Johnson
Dr. Carl C. Moore
Dr. John Steadman
Dr. Richard E. Talbott
Dr. Richard Wood 
Mr. M. Wayne Davis
Dr. Richard L. Hayes
Dr. Russell Lea
Dr. John Smith
Dr. Samuel Strada
Dr. Thomas L. Wells
Dr. Alec Yasinsac 
From:   Scott Weldon
Subject: Cutoff for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Bid Requests

This is a reminder that the State of Alabama’s fiscal year-end is September 30, 2008 and as such, that the accounting records of the University will be closed for the period.

The cutoff for receipt in the Purchasing Department of regular requisitions will be September 12, 2008. An item requiring bid takes much longer to process; therefore, bid requests must be received in the Purchasing Department no later than September 5, 2008. For any expenditure that is to be covered by the fiscal 2007-2008 budget, the item must be physically received by the University and, in order to ensure timely processing, all documents (receiving reports, invoices, etc.) must be received in the Accounts Payable Department by Monday, September 22, 2008. If an item is received by the University after September 22, 2008, please forward all documents to the Accounts Payable Department as soon as possible.

Please inform appropriate department chairs, directors and
principal investigators in your area of these cutoff dates.
C: Keith Ayers Happy Fulford John Pannelli
  David Blough
Robert Brown
Beth Burleson
T. G. Emmons, III
Michael Mayberry
Ken Davis
Arthur Carlton
J. David Stearns
Pamela Henderson
Joan Exline
Carol Kittrell
Dianne Marshall
Dennis Gassert
Mimi Summersell
Polly Stokley
Jean Tucker
Susan Sansing
Ben Tipton
Kelly Peters
Chris Willis
Ranita Richburg
Steve Simmons
Susan Strunk
Tammy Silcox

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