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Flag Football


I know flag football can’t get here soon enough, so for you September football addicts we have an outlet for you beyond your last place fantasy team. Redzone is the preseason version of our largest sport flag football. The field is smaller, the points are crazy, but the speed, skill level and excitement are off the chart. Get your game down before big football kicks off.



 Far and away flag football is our largest sport with nearly 100 teams competing for championships in the men’s, women’s, and co-rec divisions.  As the popular alternative to tackle football, flag football is a team sport consisting of seven players on each side. Instead of tackling, players must remove the flag belt of their opponent in order to end a play. Fast-paced and unorthodox, flag football challenges players to think outside the box. Join the roughly 1,200 players each week who strap on their belts and get after it on the not so frozen tundra of our intramural field. It’s easy to get started but don’t wait for the crisp autumn air to sign up. We’re in Mobile, there’s nothing crisp about our air so get in the game now!



# of Players: 4M,W, 8C

Divisions: M W C

Registration Deadline: August 29

Team Fee: $20

Begins: September 7

Points: B






7 on 7

# of Players: 7M,W, 8C

Divisions: M W C F S

Registration Deadline: October 3

Team Fee: $30

Begins: October 12

Points: A

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Create a Team>>

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