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Master of Science in Nursing Practice ( MSN ) Admissions


Application Deadlines:

Fall Admission – Applications and transcripts deadline – April 1st
Spring Admission – Applications and transcripts deadline – August 1st
Summer Admission – Applications and transcripts deadline – February 1st


The primary method of communication by the University of South Alabama (USA) College of Nursing (CON) throughout the application cycle is email. It allows us to easily make contact with you throughout the day and you are able to contact us at a time that is convenient for you. Please ensure that the email address you put on your application is an email address you check several times weekly and that you add to the address book of your email account. This will ensure that email from us will not be sent to your SPAM/JUNK folder.

Application Procedures

First Time Application Procedure

A new class of MSN students is admitted each Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Admission into the program is limited and selective. Applications are accepted during the time periods listed above. Applicants are required to complete both a Primary Application and a Supplemental Application.

The Primary Application is completed through The Centralized Application Service for Nursing Programs (NursingCAS). Please be sure to order your transcripts early and follow up with NursingCAS to verify their receipt. We recommend transcripts be ordered two months before the deadline and that the applicant confirm receipt of these transcripts one month before the deadline. NursingCAS Application Status transitions from Received to Complete then Verified. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that NursingCAS receives all transcripts, application fee, and completed application by the deadline for the semester for which they are applying in order for their application to reach the verified status.

The Primary Application for admission to Fall 2015 term will not be available until October 20, 2014. Please wait until October 20, 2014 to begin your Primary Application in NursingCAS, if you desire admission to the Fall 2015 term. If you are applying for admission to Summer 2015 term, please begin the primary application process in NursingCAS 2.0 immediately.

The Supplemental Application is located below and can be downloaded to your computer. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their completed Supplemental Application is postmarked by the deadline for the semester for which they are applying. If either part of the application is late, USA CON reserves the right to move that application to the next application cycle. Incomplete applications will not be processed. To apply for admission, please complete the steps below:

1. MSN applicants do not apply through the USA Office of Admissions nor do they apply through the USA Graduate School. MSN applicants are required to complete two applications - Primary and Supplemental. These applications should be completed simultaneously. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all required forms are received by the application deadline. Only completed applications will be considered for acceptance. Please note that applicants from New York, Kansas, and North Carolina must contact the Graduate Studies Office at prior to ordering transcripts or beginning the application process.

2. Primary Application: NursingCAS will process all official transcripts (do not send transcripts to the University of South Alabama, unless directly instructed to do so) and the Primary Application for the MSN program. This process can be time consuming, so please begin the Primary Application as soon as possible. Graduates of USA or current USA students are required to send all official transcripts to NursingCAS. You will find the Primary Application here:
NursingCAS Website

Primary Application Instructions**

** Only those applicants who comply with all requirements for the Primary Application Instructions listed above will be considered for admission.

3. Supplemental Application. The Supplemental Application contains two parts.

i. The initial file located below is a fillable PDF file. Therefore, you will need to download it onto your computer, fill it out and then save it as a new file. The new file name should consist of your first initial+last name+Nursing CAS number. This new pdf file should be emailed to This file cannot be printed, it must be submitted by email.

ii. The second part of the supplemental can be found linked in section 5 of the Supplemental Application. This is also a fillable PDF file and must be typed, printed, and signed. Hand-written applications will not be accepted. Please note that the Supplemental Application requires that you first create your account with NursingCAS. Once you have started the Primary Application process with NursingCAS, please download and complete the:

Summer 2015 Supplemental Application

The non-refundable Supplemental Application fee is $50.00. Please enclose a check or money order along with your Signature Verification and Payment form (if you are not able to open the signature form link on the PDF, try this link: Signature Form), and should be made payable to: USA College of Nursing. There is a $20 fee on all returned checks. Supplemental Application submitted without an application fee will not be processed. Your application will be considered incomplete until both parts are received.

4. International Students are required to have current U.S. registered nurse licensure with no restrictions. If you meet this requirement, you are also required to contact the University of South Alabama Office of International Services at to verify that you meet University of South Alabama admission requirements.

5. All students who are admitted into the MSN program are admitted pending submission of an Acceptance Packet with required health, immunization and health insurance information and the results of a drug screen and background check. As part of this packet, new students are required to provide immunization dates or submit titer documentation for: Adult Tetanus (Tdap), Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella, Chickenpox (Varicella Zoster), Hepatitis B, and must be current on their annual Tuberculin skin test or laboratory blood test. Please ensure all of this information is easily accessible. Additionally, USA CON requires that all MSN students have a current CPR certification and results of a physical exam that was completed within the past two years. Admission will be withdrawn for students who do not comply with health and insurance requirements, test positive on the drug screen as per the College of Nursing policy, or a background check that would prevent the student from completing clinical/residency requirements.


Admission Timeline

These schedules represent the admission timeline in a typical year. In any given year, these schedules may be adjusted.

Fall Admission
• Primary Application and Transcript Deadline: April 1st
• Secondary Application Postmark Deadline: April 1st
• Decision Letters Sent: 6-8 weeks following application deadline
• First Day of Class: USA Academic Calendar
• Mandatory onsite orientations for NP tracks – Fall term onsite orientations are required when students begin clinical specialty courses. Students will be notified, in advance, of the scheduled dates. Please refer to the specific track’s web page for details on orientations.

Spring Admission
• Primary Application and Transcript Deadline: August 1st
• Secondary Application Postmark Deadline: August 1st
• Decision Letters Sent: 6-8 weeks following application deadline
• First Day of Class: USA Academic Calendar

Summer Admission
• Primary Application and Transcript Deadline: February 1st
• Secondary Application Postmark Deadline: February 1st
• Decision Letters Sent: 6-8 weeks following application deadline
• First Day of Class: USA Academic Calendar

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the college of nursing at or 251-445-9400.


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