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JagMedia intersects the exciting fields of magazine, television, radio, and newspaper to transmit the voice of Jag Nation. We are the comprehensive authority on news, sports, and entertainment for the University of South Alabama.


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Our newspaper, The Vanguard, and our lifestyles magazine, Due South, are available in stands across campus as well as on their respective website. Our radio station, the Prowl, can be heard on their website, through the University app, and is currently transitioning to an on-air station transmitting across Mobile. Our television station, JagTV, broadcasts on channel 61.1 on the USA cable system and online on their website. Whatever the format, JagMedia has you covered.

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Through our hands-on activities, enhance your résumé and learn real skills of the trades all while having fun and building contacts vital to your future career. You are invited to attend meetings, get to know our members, and get involved.

To find out how to become a member of any JagMedia partner, simply visit their respective website.

We welcome first years & non-majors too!

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