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Philosophy is a discipline that uses logic and reasoning to investigate issues such as the nature of reality, the nature of knowledge, possible reasons for or against the existence of God, ethical rights and obligations, and many other topics. Philosophy students learn how to objectively examine others' beliefs, to construct thorough arguments of their own, and to interpret complex information. As such, the philosophy major is a superb way to prepare yourself for a professional career. Philosophy majors consistently score at or near the top of the entrance examinations for law school, medical school, business school, and graduate school.

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New Religion Minor!

Requirements for a Minor in Religion

A minimum of 18 semester hours in Religion. No more than 6 hours at the 100 or 200 level may be counted toward the minor. At least one course must be taken from each of the following Groups: Group A, Humanities, Group B, History, and Group C, Social Science. No more than 9 hours of courses may be counted toward the minor from each of Group A, Group B, and Group C. 9 hours of coursework must be taken as REL courses. 9 hours of coursework must be taken at the 300 and/or 400 level at the University of South Alabama.

(Note: Courses listed below with a slash, /, are cross-listed between two or more different disciplines: you can register and receive credit for one, but only one, discipline (e.g., in the case of REL/SY 420, you can register and receive credit for either, but not both, REL 420 or SY 420).

Group A, Humanities: REL/PHL/CLA/EH 310; REL/PHL 351; REL/PHL 354; REL/PHL 355

Group B, History: HY 331; HY 332; HY/REL 343; HY/REL 347; HY 351; HY 352; HY/REL 353; HY/REL 364; HY/REL 365; HY/REL 373; HY/REL 465

Group C, Social Science: SY/REL/PHL 352; SY/REL 420




Department News

Spring, 2014

We are pleased to announce that a new minor in Religion has been officially approved! Details are now available in the 2012-13 University Bulletin.

Philosophy majors top GRE scores again!

In 2012, Philosophy majors once again were the highest-scoring major on the Graduate Record Examination, which is the test required by most graduate schools. Philosophy majors were once again second on the Law School Admissions Test (behind Physics/Math combined). Our majors do extremely well on professional and graduate school admissions.

The Philosophy Club at USA is meeting! The Philosophy Club is open to any interested USA student, and meets on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. in Humanities 136. For more details, email: