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Middle School Youth

ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Camp (2010, 2011, 2012)


Dr. Bernard Harris, physician and former astronaut, believes that education empowers youth to develop their potential and realize their dreams. He also believes that education is a key that unlocks doors to success.


Many youth have explored their dreams of the future throughout the Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris summer camp here at USA. The people associated with the programs, - the faculty, staff, and students are great representatives of USA and they have enjoyed being part of the USA and Exxon Mobile/Bernard Harris experience.

USA is one of the fastest-growing universities in Alabama. Enrollment at USA now tops 15,000 and the USA has awarded over 70,000 degrees. It is not too early for middle-school youth and their parents to look at USA as an answer to the future. 


We profoundly hope that the youth served in these programs continue to pursue their education and their dreams. It is our honor to serve them through the inspirational Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris summer camp program.

To see more details of the program, visit the College of Engineering website.

Bernard Haris


Dr. Bernard Harris

USA Shelby Hall


USA Shelby Hall Housing the College of Engineering and School of Computing


USA press releases for the program can be found below:

2010 Camp

2011 Camp

To our future!

Dean Millner