Adult Degree Program: Program Structure

ADP Program Structure

Foundation Course:   Each ADP student begins with an introductory course to help clarify goals and to understand the nature of interdisciplinary studies.  Students entering the program as freshmen and sophomores take AIS 101; juniors and seniors take AIS 301.


General Education:  All ADP degrees include a broad base of liberal arts courses in four general course areas:
                Area I - Written Composition - 2 courses
                Area II - Humanities, Fine Arts, Literature, and Oral Communication - 4 courses
                Area III - Laboratory Sciences and Mathematics - 3 courses
                Area IV - History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences - 4 courses


Department Requirements:  The Interdisciplinary Studies department requirements insure that graduates achieve critical thinking skills and a broad understanding of adult development and cultural diversity.  This set of courses is designed to prepare graduates to enter the modern work force which is increasingly technologically advanced, globally-oriented, and culturally diverse.  Competency is required in five areas, with one course in each area (15 hours total):

- Computer Applications
- Advanced/Professional Writing
- Statistical Applications
- Human Development
- Cultural Diversity


Concentration:  Each student collaborates with an IST Academic Advisor to design a focused program of study made up of related course work from at least three different disciplines.  A minimum of 48 hours in lower (100- to 200-level) and upper division (300- to 400-level) course work is required with at least four courses in each discipline.


Senior Research Thesis or Internship:  A sequence of two required courses assists ADP students with an in-depth research project or internship relating to their concentration.